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Nov 2019
The day that must carry mourn
Wouldn't surprise me if it stood gay

The day where most would expect to hear cries
Wouldn't surprise me if it stayed guffawed

The day where my soul would deserve silence
Wouldn't surprise me if it gets filled with jabber

The day I shall be dressed in my wedding dress --- a stripped hood
Wouldn't surprise me if it didn't shine any light

I'd be disappointed not if the grave that would be expected to hold me as my bed
Decides to throw me out instead

For I, a guilt filled being, doesn't deserve a polite farewell
Consequences of my crime-filled mind that religiously only deserves hell

So carve on my stone when the time comes
“In the memory of … a prostituted ****

Who only wished to provide for herself in a land unknown.”
Oh! Who am I kidding, I will not even be privileged to become a memory unless I atoned.
~ AllTheLovePS
Written by
PS  18/F/India
     ---, Bogdan Dragos and TheIdleOwl
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