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Dec 2020 · 177
Simon Dec 2020
Christmas isn't just your ordinary holiday... For one thing (personally speaking), it's my MOST favorite! (If you haven't guessed already....)
However, Christmas isn't just about the regular attire that you "wear" (upon your own 'body language' that tames such a 'posture' towards the gimmick of which language you speak...or even what ethnicity you may have been born as).
My point towards Christmas, is not the regular tradition towards both it's meanings or properties... But what it takes too truly celebrate this MOST "prosperous" and VERY "EXOTIC" holiday itself!
And what I'm (seemingly) going too 'endorse' the logic of how you want too celebrate such a holiday to begin with. Because when it comes too "Christmas" nothing is more giving then having family who cares for you. And who you care about in "natural" return. (Because what you give back in return, could give you a message that you've been simply waiting for... ALL YOU LIFE!!!) That being said, if you don't have any such person on Christmas to celebrate with... Don't feel that you have "failed" your own heart at the center of your very being. Because your MORE at such a calmful "rest"...than you know. And it's because whoever you might be, or wherever you come from... Remember to stay true too your own self. And the universe will exchange that very behavior (the way you act...into a mere "signal"). A signal that would more than EVER...turn the very tide that either RICHOCHETS off certain energy signatures that RIPPLE that very frequency towards (that very attitude your very heart simply gives off). Simply put it, when you "wish/wishing upon the blessing of single plea"! That's where the very truest spirt of Christmas comes straight into the fold! Something that truly "basics" itself ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY!
And when this very wishing upon the blessing of a single plea comes full circle... So will Christmas trees! So will the festivities of decorations, Christmas trees and HUGE banquettes! Become that VERY necessity. All in the honor of this very "wishful thinking", so to speak.
After all, you don't necessarily want too feel that you have "wronged" some sort of rule of Christmas itself, do you...?
Just because you "feel" you didn't again, (necessarily) "sense" that you weren't good enough in simply celebrating... In your OWN way....
A wishing upon the blessing of a single plea could (very well "drink") too the very regards (royally speaking) of course! In hopes of advancing the very cause of EVERYONE... "ALL AROUND YOU!!"
And when you feel like you weren't necessarily good enough this year, either. Just remember the wishing upon the blessing of a single plea. It's not the saying that matters... Since the very words coming together in it's MOST sequenced (now 'established' order of fashion), could simply come off (at first) as very "simplistic" in it's (more than 'natural') approach. Simply because when you read it... Your reading just a bunch of words MASHED together into a single sentence! (Everything isn't as "what it seems"... When looking at something at first light/glance. Because it's truly "more than what it seems"!) Don't "judge a book by it's MOST 'notorious and natural' cover"! Just because you don't understand it (not for someone else)... But simply for you...alone! And by how the very words (that come first) simply "orchestrate" the very (doubtless and impervious) proverbial finger in the ****! One that would "outlast" US ALL... If ONLY we could truly understand the very words that "communicate" in on that very saying, accordingly. Then the very "cryptic" way of how it shows itself, would outlast its own impression of itself...when it's already been presented... FOR ALL TOO SEE!
So, in a natural state of calmly (put together "recompense"), what does ANY OF THIS haft too do with Christmas? Well haven't you've been listening too ANTHING...???!!!
Wishing upon the blessing of a single plea comes close too one’s own heart who is both religious or non-religious (according to its own mark upon the truer common reference of how the usual story of Christmas sprit itself goes by)! But that's not how one's own individuality see's it, simply speaking....
Because what one see's in that very quote, is nothing more then "belief, hope, trust, guidance, 'wishful thinking', moral support, moral compass, good 'standard' morals"!
Because in the end of it all... There's nothing more important, then "wishing" upon something too diverse for common "trustful" ears too handle! At which time gives such "remedial" tension towards the "blessing" that needs more "useful" guidance...then ANYTHING in one's own existence! And lastly, the very "plea" comes into such a "recognition" type state. For at which time, everything centers forward for that such individuality too be present... FOR ALL TOO SEE!
Because at the end of the (more than 'natural' day), Christmas isn't (just about having 'others' to simply call upon yourself among the VAST 'secured' majority) first and foremost. Whose claims aren't as "diverse" as you'd want others simply too believe in! (Since that's not how it would have truly worked... Now would it??)
It's simply (not just about having others by your side, while having your own self MOST OF ALL) in charge of your own 'orderly' lifestyle.
It's how your own "wishing upon the blessing of a single plea" would/should give such ('wishful thinking') to that very orderly lifestyle (upon its own 'lifecycle'. That may or may not be entirely 'orderly' to begin with.)
Because there's nothing more "appreciative", then having your own 'wish' at the hands of Christmas itself!
Christmas isn't your usual testament towards such a calmly disposition for rightful/ever-lasting resources too keep you up at night! No... It's simply about how you regularly present your own self. Both upon your own behavioral attitudes (that acts like a VERY useless 'limp'). And a mere (ALWAYS helpful 'crutch') that convinces you that EVERYTHING will simply be... ALL RIGHT...FOREVERMORE! And this mere crutch, is your own "linear line". Except, a linear line full of "benefits"! Benefits that tame the exposure of what was ("once upon a time go") the such nurturing focus of your entire core!
Simon Nov 2020
She goes by Maisha. But too me, she's known as my “Watson”. A Watson that is the VERY "incredulous" sidekick towards Sherlocks (somewhat) "overanalyzing" and (seemingly...when it truly isn't much of the time) "doubtful" nature. (Just as Watson isn't as soft spoken...when they truly aren't as incredulous as you'd expect them too truly first glance!) Thou, no matter how false or true something might seem... It matters not. Towards the fate of a good enough "bargain" too “pry” the (seeming) essential pieces that go one way. And come SNAPPING back straight into your own face the next! (Without so much as a standard warning, beforehand...or even ahead of time!) That is both the never-ending/ever-increasingly, mind-bogglingly, fated desires that "swing" (impatiently)...when there's NO breeze too simply sway back and forth on the spot!
And when there's sometimes NO recognition towards either fact... That's when Watson is there too kick me into gear (without the seeming faulty wiring of my CRAZY and SPIRALING and SPORADIC and WILD)... Assumptions!
Because assumptions don't mind those very facts that perfectly fit inside those very details that doesn't have a half-hearted claim towards the very desires of those very specifics (at which the very details fit perfectly nestled inside).
And if it wasn't already incredulous enough already... Then Sherlocks too random of assumptions...must surpass your very logic too handle at one single time....
Meaning my very assumptions is what forces you too "transcend" your own piece of art for the fate of a brain that would (in theory...and try as it must) "reconnect" with the complete countering opposite... That is the opposing goodness towards how a brain ticks those too random assumptions) too shame! When the heart starts too "unravel" it's VERY (seemingly) "dormant" period full of unkempt lust for that very now "presently" so-called ("transcending your own piece of art") right then and there!
But a piece of transcending art, isn't complete...just because you are (now of ALL times) beginning to understand it... Since it's NEVER that easy to just understand a VERY abstract/cryptic (someone or something) who's too random assumptions seem too SPARK your heart! As if your heart now has a flow of radiation coming out of it... Because it was simply "poked"!
But why of ALL times did it haft too be poked...? Well, isn't it obvious by now.......???
The "frames of logic" would speak of a VERY important "scheduling event". Where the heart needed too be poked, first!
Simply because the heart was literally BLOATING up and "suppressing" too much of that newly escaped flow of radiation!
And since now it's (seemingly) ready too take off like a once (trapped bird in a cage...ALL it's life)! You better bet things shall be different... For this time around, at least....
Do you simply think the brain and the heart would become "one" and detest ALL the past formalities (from a past gone SO "rigid" like)... That it's now truly impossible too truly tell just what its current condition is really about. And how the very current present timeline...then would speak of a VERY fortunate scheduling event, that would change everything for the better... Possibly even (if your assumptions truly grasp another's frame of logic good enough too transcend right off the bat seemingly)... Forevermore!
Then, what are you waiting for, huh...???!!!
A moment of doubt is normal too include the fear of failing ANY type of reasoning either (beforehand or ahead of time)! Since it doesn't matter which would be the better offer...? Unless you were too (I don't know), keep "trekking" as you ALWAYS have towards "breaching" the (seemingly) "impenetrable" darkness that hails your own "lit impression/lit focus" (conscious wise) structure/mechanism...without fear of “blinking out” that very reasoning right then and there! Since "snuffing" out the where fear comes from, after all.... Remember and forget! Are those very reminders that fail...ALL THE SAME!
Simon Oct 2020
A girl's values are now FINALLY free! Because nothing wasn't meant to be ever forgotten from her literal inside outness. Nor was it meant to fixate a very awful opportunity for her to mend NOTHING at all of the sort.
Except now that all values are truly free.... How does she put up with the newly evolved form of freedom, (that too is... Nothing more then the impression of something that isn't entirely evolved, when it's more of the freedom of something that never "up to this very point in time" has had the very taste for freedom...ever since this very "corruption" had first started back in a (supposed past) that can't EVER AGAIN become measured properly...? When all isn't meant to be remembered, ever again. When it's also never made to be forgotten (for the most part), either.
So, reasoning out the many variables that compute too much seeming nonsense, as if it's meant to correct it's very wrong doings without thinking about whether or not, it's made to simply be this way...from now on...?
A question repeated by another question, doesn't give enough value to an even more "correct" answer... When nothing is made to bear for the correct assumption, when wanting too correctly "imply" something of an entirely different meaning, altogether.
So, in order to mask this (good enough impression) where nothing would ever again, become "faulted" right off the bat! So you couldn't ever become the more obvious to such a situation that isn't ever to be up too date, ever again.
This poem is too a girl who isn't just (on the dime) to correct their most importance across something that's most deserving of a young and cherishable young girl's lifetime values. (Because let's face it...) A sense in someone's very self isn't truly found out or correctly assorted into context for their very heartbeat to pulse even more correctly too life, if it's not been made to be assorted (very well) within it's very pattern recognition to debate those very pulses into even more correct verses. That would then normally lead into a proud melody to simply interpret as mere language to itself bouncing off of different representation of things that ONLY matter from deep within itself (first and foremost).
Because one's very values are then sometimes mistakenly disguised by the heart that you have yet too interpret (towards the very inputs that have yet to correct it's own values for the heart to value, altogether)!
And that is a brain that's too full of itself... That it can't even see the more correct reason, as too simply "why that is"...?
PS... The brain is the ultimate finisher of failures across an even more disturbing platform that can't even redeem itself (properly) when it's CONSTANTLY yanking it's own chain essentially too bear...alone with!
A girl's lifestyle is never demeaning to cost a lot of tension, when it grips pleasure with the aftertaste of a mere consequence.
Simon Sep 2020
Forever, isn't a contemplation for a girl's nature of "temptation" to be (now and forevermore)...become "tempted" itself! Don't be naive.... Because if it does go according to this very standard wish of one's very contemplation state... Then your again (now and forevermore) meant to be..."naive!" Wishes don't contemplate your desires into a wishful bottle full of unlimited possibilities. But instead take rapid possession of that very "bottle full of unlimited possibilities"... And suspects that very girl to commit (right away) towards the very situational desires that grow on that very contemplation state itself. (Like vines that are just willingly able to sprout itself as part of it's tempted nature to do so, among natures own contemplation state.)
Something this very girl would argue isn't the same (when and ONLY when)...they start to officially "doubt" that very contemplation state (first and foremost).
And this is when the very quote to this very passage weeps accordingly to that very contemplation state. When it (first and foremost) becomes "tempted" by that very nature (that's made to be this main ingredient...forever)!
Because when that happens... Then that very girl's "tempted" contemplation, is made too be (forever open) to the possibilities for more issues to start to arise more attraction to the girl's very temptation towards that very contemplation state. And it does this either (first or last). Since it now (forevermore) doesn't matter what implication first arises in whatever order or category, essentially speaking. Whatever exchanges that very trade for trust to be the beneficial reason for doubt to "taint" ALL for a single contemplation to meet it's end... Would then officially (more than ever)...become the last certified "lasting" impression for the girls very tempted self among a contemplation.
Then whatever comes next (before whatever had just "centered" itself first and foremost) will in fact bend to the will of the next sequence of events, essentially too follow.
PS... Remember, "forever" is made to reason the abstract will to a girl's more "primal" justification at heart!
Detesting full logic to the benefits of some untested angle here (without knowing of the entire implications ahead of time)... Would in fact spill out trouble for the (least likely too succeed), reasonably speaking.
Simon Sep 2020
A girl who has NO boundaries for "self-servitude", is made to calm the collective rush in their very ("sudden, immediate and unexpected") heart! A heart that isn't bounded by truer believes (than what actually should be more brought up "frequently", altogether). Before it's too late to react! (You who costs nothing...but a single "penny of hope", is more to "fail" ALL the same from within that steady heart that's going too collapse sooner rather than later!) Because something that's too (sudden, immediate and unexpected) isn't meant "to fail all the same" when everything starts to "repeat, repeat, repeat"...all over again! (For there's NEVER such a thing as a "rinsing effect"...for a doll moment when you keep repeat, repeat, repeat, "inadvertently" speaking!) Rendering your literal inability to appose upon a gutless feeling that shouldn't allow you to get the last laugh of such an impending material of obstruction...that is your own heart! Because believes are (sooner or later) stolen by that very heart of yours, after all... That's exactly why the human heart could also be called the "triple thread".... Due too it's ability to render itself towards your own mind for the utterly directionless "sudden, immediate and unexpected" drop on how your own consciousness can't prepare for it... When it was already meant too tear itself away from what (sense of duty) is even about...???
Because if you truly knew what that very sense of duty was even about, then you'd probably would have known (later on in life) when the damage had already been then. (Suppose to not officially knowing, right then and there.) Accept that's another story for an entirely different time (for another passing thought on... "A girl who has NO boundaries for "self-servitude.")
Self-servitude is a timeless retreat too officially promote you into the most diverse situation ("imaginable")!
All so it can detest ALL opportunities for a such very healthy circumstance to balance ALL the clutter that comes with having NO boundaries to a girl that has yet to come to terms with.
Simon Sep 2020
A girl who is lonesome on a regular basis, isn't based upon their own choice... But by their own desire to hold an identity bear without regulating (properly) the reasons as to why or how too essentially fix them?? Someone would say they aren't both comfortable and doesn't want to live this type of life... Except, they do, and they are very good at it. Do you not seriously think they aren't truly comfortable with it...?! Because by how I've gotten to know them, they seem entirely thrilled by this very aspect upon the features that drown them in sorrowful lust or delusional ecstasy for the illusional better!
Don't make me laugh.... You seriously think she "would" be comfortable with ANY of this...? WELLL.... DO YOU???!!! NO...! She simply... DOESN'T! And I wouldn't, either. Because I know what it's like to live in something that has tormented me right down to my very component cells. (Not truly knowing how to regulate the emotions that run those very component cells...DRY!) Something that ricochets the exposure over an entire even playing field that's become too GREATLY ODD! For something that doesn't make sense, doesn't also have too be the permanent source of lifestyle one has become standard upon (the now very normalized lifecycle of this very way of life itself).
So, what happens when someone who is lonesome and who's seemingly lost...while also supposedly meant too be good at it, simultaneously...? Well...isn't it obvious by now...?
"A lonesome girl who's good at being alone".....
A lonesome "star" of their own "nightmarish" melodramatic soap opera, has NO OTHER CHOICE...then too see it through... Till the very end!
But this time... Their not alone....
Simon Sep 2020
Kyle, you are the unsocial demerit point, because you tame that which isn't within the same parameters as your own guilt of never being able to essentially see past your own guilt, firstly. (Which is entirely filled too the absolute brimful of shame!) Shame that doesn't detest your own abstract mind from taming the logic that truly demands the official reasoning for you too cost more energy for yourself too bear (in order to suit your own needs from depleting even quicker. Then what was first realized.) While being at the demanding odds of something either unfortunate to ALWAYS come your way. Or (for the very first time in my very own simulation full of nothing more than completely realistic prolonged "shackled" days) that doesn't EVER seem to count the reasoning you need the very most. Mostly because life is truly never fair when it ONLY operates anyways, (for your very self first and foremost). On an operating system full of very tempting, unusual, unnatural and a seemingly unrealistic taste for more demerit points to be added in a complete collection full of both "wonder and detachment." Kyle, you’re also the unsocial demerit point, because you have yet to discover your own highs and lows upon your own governing system. It's not bad to be one's own demerit point. (Hell, I've been my own "demerit point" ever since the very beginning when I truly first popped out into this world full of "realistic advantages.)" Realistic advantages full to the absolute brimful of "factually chained uncertainties!" Your nothing more than a sense in your own details that doesn't limit one's own ideology against the world head-on! Instead, you devise a proper program for yourself against the desires of an even more proper exercise in order to free yourself full of the (not so rich) details that blind your own choices, from seeing the choice in it's own decision-making...from ever being able to reach the extension of your own actions. Actions that suddenly prompt its own inadvertent consequences, because the notion is in the very specifics that again demand you too see the odds that try to impress you (without even seeing "why that is)?"
Concluding what exactly...? Well, isn't it already obvious enough for you too "effectively" notice (ahead of time)?! Or are you too busy thinking on raising the bar of the current potential rate of your still rising (to this very day)...demerit points? Because that's what you should always be focusing on "separating" from your very structure of life, altogether. Versus the still ever-increasing rate of such a demerit succession!
Kyle, your more than just ANY ole demerit point. Because you don't lack which other's apparently do (ALL DAY LONG)! Compassion in your very heart!
Simon Aug 2020
“Love is nothing more than a cocoon for feelings to operate on”…. Because it’s the official testament of willpower! Except when willpower has shame for itself of not seeing anything (never before too essentially bear for itself…ever again). When it comes into contact with (the exception being that of “love” itself)! Because in the very end of ALL things… Love is nothing but a counterpart to the additional operating system, that is “feelings” to be forced to become “compassionate” upon. Something that can systematically envelope compassion into every fact, detail, specific of any kind. Except that only happens when that very fact is now within the detail that’s even more within the specific itself! Then “something that can systematically envelope compassion” into those very aspects, can then properly divide (evenly) into a thing that’s known (primarily)…as a “category”. But that comes immediately afterwards…. Before that could even come (in full swing)… You need to come to terms with when establishing that love is more what it seems…. Just as it’s operating system, (which is feelings itself) could actually contribute upon something (more along the lines) of something unbelievably…”standard”. Because love (at the end of the day) doesn’t know how to essentially contribute its very feelings into basic words. (Let alone letters that form into a single pattern that “eventually” becomes the standard word/words itself all around.) Then for anything to become properly sounded out sentences full of words that can’t EVER contribute very well to something with enough “characteristics” to create minor references upon the very subject at hand. Someone would then ask, “well what is that very subject at hand both (even for and what is it essentially about)…?” Then the one narrating ALL of this would simply reply, “well, isn’t it obvious by now…? Because if it truly isn’t… Then you ought to take an even BETTER look at your own personal life full of never-ending personal problems! The most obvious hint is in the cocoon for feelings to operate on, simply.” Since it isn’t some basic flaw that you need to (gradually over time) keep at it…until progress is “magically” shown to (seemingly) be moving forward, somehow! Instead of piling and piling it on some type of “exercise” that again (seemingly) won’t get you, anywhere! Because you see, the cocoon is nothing more than something that essentially goes beyond love. (Just as it goes beyond normal thoughts that don’t think such a regular cocoon is nothing more then realizations becoming the flaw that is meant to change everything “drastically”…over time!) Examples (for instance) like love having no claim to choices (while under the influence of mere feelings). Feelings having NO “law of attraction” where it can’t compete with itself, while constantly being under the never-ending watchful eye of loves struggle to hold an operating system (that’s essentially meant to “crumble up and burn”)! All it takes is one interaction upon one single piece of “contact” within one another’s “inner bubble”… And everything explodes into a “flair” full of fireworks! Showing once and for all that love has finally engaged in its very purpose to become fully established in it’s very operating systems “will” to (break free) from that very (once thought “laughable” idea about a cocoon that couldn’t EVER manage ANYTHING properly)! Until it found love in another cocoon who shared the very same interests as the next one and the next one after that! Eternally becoming binded by the very “twist of fate” that categorizes things into a very hidden stored stasis…in order to eventually claim that which you have always been in love with. Eventually filling your very heart full of an “eternalness” lasting for infinite lifetimes too bear!
Love is nothing more than a hidden attraction made to both (wonder and wander) about endlessly… Without so much as the single most regard for something that has yet to “tempt” it’s very operation full of feelings, altogether.
Simon Aug 2020
There was once an eternity between two separate individuals. They simply lay claim a very positive reaction that both makes them "richer" than both each other could even predict. Simply put it, they aren't respectable individuals within each of their own rights too essentially bear alone. That's why (one day far in the future...hopefully very soon). They can actually become something more then the two very separate individuals that have lay claim a very rich moral principle in order to make something go beyond each other's very perspective that had controlled them (up until this certain point in time). But what happens if they let this ("claim to be") control the very outcome for both destinies to (sooner rather than later) "connect" into a very "luxurious" positive desire that keeps each another's identity sane...for ALL too essentially bear?! Except the very claim they put there very "trusting hands" in can't hope to truly be trusted, right...? Especially if you can't believe a word this very claim says about the outcome that's VASTLY hinting at being about "eternity" itself. Which is a very stark contrast towards believing in either a (somebody) that was entirely within their own odds as either a connecting embodiment. Or a very luxurious and positive desire that doesn't cut corners for just anyone. Since it takes time for something to truly become "persecuted" by the very outcome that's made to become "disembodied" (first and foremost). Towards the very end! In the end, what happens to these very unsuspecting victims that's part of an eternity together that both can't be fixed (even how hard you try) or even divide (evenly) for the support of a more freer claim (of charge) that can't be masked by the impression that ("eternity between two separate individuals") can be taken seriously as to actually be real? Why can't the both of them stay "together forever" if (first and foremost) they had already ("lay claim to a very positive reaction that both makes them richer than both each other could even predict"?) Simple. Because the more they try to be apart, the more things (than ever before) won't work out in their own internal affairs for the rest of eternity! A claim becoming the more disembodied outcome for none too essentially bear alone...anymore! The more they lay claim for eternity without becoming the separate individuals we ALL "scorn" them to be...will (perhaps) work out in their very favor. Eternity between two separate individuals is not (forevermore) valued between one another. When it's actually the makings of eternity itself (not being what it seems) after all.... When it's really how they lay claim to a luxurious positive desire keeping each other sane for their identities to get a fix on the connection that keeps them (anyways) more positive in the desires to both hold themselves too bear each other more (tightly secured)!
Conclusion... No one is within their right minds too ever become simply connected to lay claim to eternity itself. When it was really the essential connection between two separate individuals who (once...a long time ago) created eternity for themselves too bear (for each other) alone...forevermore!
Detesting yourself (with the spectrum that is logic) isn't the most greatest accomplishment one can essentially bear for the purpose to remain pure...for ALL eternity!
Simon Aug 2020
There was once a King and Queen of both abnormalities who struck fear in each other's eyes! This was certainly a pleasurable experience and outcome for them both. Simply because they both didn't know what one or the other's personal mere "abnormality" was even about. Nor, what it even was... Because whatever one or the other had (prematurely on both each other's awareness's from never knowing of the actual "truer" whereabouts) on simply acknowledging the other's efforts were in fact...futile! This very futile fact is what made knowing of the other constantly "infatuated" with one another! (And what secretly lead into the marriage as both "a king and queen of both abnormalities"!) Because one day for the very first time (in like)...FOREVER.... They both came to actually appreciate one another's abnormalities as a mere blessing...then an actual curse. Which was what they both (respectfully between one another) once thought since the very beginning. Completely oblivious to essentially not knowing that there was a very hidden "blessing in disguise" in the form of a pure miracle! Just waiting to be "blossomed" for ALL too see fit!
Glory and power isn't both obstructed by the mere curse of one another's interactions within each other's personal bubble! It's how one's inner feelings come out for both to essentially appreciate, altogether. Then for it too constantly "bash" on one another, because both finding out they were meant to be together...since the very beginning! Essentially is what blinded them first light!
Simon Aug 2020
Friendship is like an eternally spinning ferris wheel lasting seemingly forever, because it doesn't know when to actually stop! It knows for certain (when to stop). Only when based upon the choices made by the one's who are eternally tied by fates literal "knot of joy"! This literal knot of joy that fate demands friendship compatibilities upon is entirely unparalleled to something that was even given a choice to begin with. Meaning when an everyday common ferris wheel doesn't know when to stop... It's because fate designed the one who then designed the very invention of the very ferris wheel to give off the impression of a never-ending fated knot of joy! A testament to the joy one enjoys within their own "little friendship circle". Utterly bonded by a knot full of joy that's fated to last for an eternity! Except there's one entire catch here.... While it is in fact true an everyday common ferris wheel was literally made to go on and on, without so much as a (push of a button) made to seemingly stop otherwise. It's actually given to the push of the button of that very choice both guarded and decided upon the very individual who made that very choice to begin with. And who is also in a never-ending fated knot of joy within an entirely different individual besides yourself.
Conclusion... So in the end, it is choice upon one's very decision to (first and foremost) act against. Which is the breaking of fates very will to act accordingly to it's very "strategic" design, in order to see a never-ending source full of joy bonded by a single knot lasting for eternity through...towards the very end!
Then you hear whispers between the one who made that choice to begin with and their unsuspecting seemingly "significant other" who is tide deep into fates never-ending "knot of joy"! The one who made the choice politely asked, "how long do you think this whole thing (between us both will last for")...? The unsuspecting significant other responded in kind, "I'm not exactly sure... Forever if possible"?!
This poem is again about a very "special" individual of mine! What do you suppose would happen if something were to last essentially...forevermore?! Would you act accordingly in kind??? Or fully dispute your claims on the desire to not agree within a system that's revoked your entire decisions, properly (for the better)?!
Simon Aug 2020
The beauty is not yet realized... Is what it truly means to not know how beautiful someone truly is, until they have really seen it for themselves (first and foremost)! Except if you haven't (as of yet, while also not realizing)… Then "the beauty that is not yet realized"... Remains like a "closed book"! A closed book who's survivability desperately depends on that very "beauty"! Demands "recompense" for the actions (to hold dearly) without the consequence in not including oneself (more or less) in on the details, before more facts came too light! Potentially missing out on everything desirable in oneselves very nature as a respectful and loving and caring individual! Such as the individual who this poem is especially "nurturing" for!
Conclusion... The beauty is not yet realized... Because they haft to admit it too themselves (first and foremost)! Before realizations crawl back into itself and forevermore abandoning the right to call yourself..."beautiful"!
A poem about a very close "special" individual of mine! Who's still in the midst of finding their truer beauty (at heart)! A closed book is another matter, altogether. Just as one individuals beauty is not limited by their very own instances when "negatively" saying they "aren't beautiful"... But for how many times they have doubted their own beauty heart!
Simon Aug 2020
Simply wanting (as their very fate is meant to become that of a very HIGHLY sophisticated "veterinarian")! Who's sole purpose is cut into a very simple, but complex...double sided coin. Issuing a non-collapsing development that regulates (very steadily) for how a foundation is essentially formed. A foundation that ignites it's own simulation for "two sides of the same coin"! One that "shows-off" everything in it's entirety. To be that of a situation (where nothing of course ever seems too go right)... Except within one's own mindset (too agree upon). Which is governed by this very ample "opportunist" simulation! The double sided coin isn't measured by it's interests upon the measures it takes too invoke such an option. As it pays both width and length over a long period of time... Until you've come too the most "settlement" rule...imaginable! How do you balance one thing within another that are two completely separable things made too be within the same establishment? You get your most very fortunate master! A master who is (more than "fortunate") when pleading to their very own instrumenting way of looking at things. (Not too mention the "eternal" world around them!) A more than plentiful and abstract point of view for displaying what it is, that they truly wanted too begin with (first and foremost). The veterinarian part had become valid, thou. Constructed too a halt! The idea where dogs, guinea pigs, birds and other household critters (of ALL types)! Could correctly "intermingle" into one justice system! A justice system that is within both the control and guidance of the such very fortunate master that neither screams or cries over a very "dissociation" state that could completely corrupt their animals into not intermingling...correctly! But they do not submit politely! They rise onward with ferocity in their very hearts! They face the world..."head-on"! And doesn't fully expect something else in return.... Well, except their number one fan (who isn't important right now)... While doing what they essentially do best! (Which is bringing in the last side of that very coin. ) Too essentially create the very foundation that would tame (not only the establishments that have yet too occur correctly)... But most importantly the very simulation that was ignited (as if by the mere blessing of a silly little "spark") that ignited the "flame of progress", itself! Especially the ferocity in the very fortunate masters very heart. Guppies, tetras, loaches, cory catfish, nerite snails. Not to mention the most favorable upon the very fortunate masters collection... The "bettas"! Which is a little too much for the other smaller "fishy critters" too handle all at one...single time. So their very fortunate master keeps track of their own internal time clock...wisely. (ONLY...until it's actually time!) In order to find a better housing habitat for it's MOST prized possession! All the while the birds (on the other side of that coin) disrupt their very fortunate masters mere concentration while playing with their very essential jewelry they always wore! (Breaking it in the slow-paced slog that is..."animal daycare"!) While the dogs themselves love laying on their very fortunate masters body (thinking it's the softest device too use as a mere bed)! Especially when the guinea pigs (of that lot) slither in and out of (ANY and ALL) of their very fortunate masters clothing (you NAME it)! Pockets and hoodies! Not ever settling down (as their supposed to essentially be doing) until the very command coming straight from their very fortunate masters "tone of charge"! ALL the animals very fortunate master sometimes isn't always aware of what they "solely" want...(at first). Thou, slowly but surely they come too FULL terms with it. (Making a decision that is of the worthy complex circumstance...of what they essentially want too do with their very lives!) Especially with the (GREATER than most) help from a (once complete stranger who had...up too this point in time)... Had now become their most trusting ally in the fight too secure the line of both (who they are, and what they essentially want to become). Which is both too run a "fish rescue"! And to (sooner rather than later).... Is too also run a..."vet clinic"! PS... Also to have A LOT of dogs and EXTRA fish because of that very interest (when also feeding their "slightly but sad"...ego)!
This is (once again) another poem about a very "special" friend of mine... Kyle! Who is wanting to reveal a little (more than of it's very certainty) full of specifics about themselves. Gratifying that very pleasure over the (possible) consequence of their very will to make good choices...upon their very classified decision-making!
Simon Aug 2020
Trying to tame that which is within is a counter defect too something even more excruciatingly impossible too seemingly dabble right into! All because nothing truly ever remains the same afterwards...when all limitations are shot clean straight off the market! A market that is ONLY of the making towards what truly is from within, that harms ALL products into a complete stasis of "subjugation". Subjugation is how this thing (from within) is desperately trying too fool you into even trying to reach out from within (first and foremost). Actually, there's NO telling what could happen when you even try to "reach out from within"??? Since nothing is truly trusting when limitations start to burn out! Like a "spark plug" inside a cars engine that burned out because it short-circuited too many times, that it eventually wore it's entire self out cold! Showing that even while trying too tame (that which is within) may seem like just an incredible first.... Only until you are shown you've been left both lost and forgotten, altogether. Until you were to finally discover that nothing ever made sense to begin with. It's because you've been out cold this entire...**** time! WHY?! And why am I just noticing this now...?! Simple... Because a long, long, long...time ago... You tried to control something beyond ALL your wildest dreams of being capable of achieving! Especially while trying to tame that which is within! You can't erase the past! Just like when you are finally discovering that you've been short-circuited one too many times! Conclusion... The end result, is a massive tempting pleasure! Showing that you were obviously right about one thing... The market from within, is now spreading joy too your most wildest dreams about simply trying to merely take on that which is within!
PS... What do you suppose that could mean...?
You can't even (for the very lives of your individualities) try to simply attempt your "tempting" selves into taking on (that which is within)! You will certainly lose! As you were ALWAYS...meant too!!!
Simon Aug 2020
Styling someone is never the option for truth too supplement facts, altogether! It's probably because truth towards an option of essentially giving someone such an "option" as too never style them (first and foremost)... Is simply because those very facts are supplemented too such a degree, that everything falls apart from both decision-making and choice! Logic doesn't rule anymore! Nor does a sense for reasoning, either. Therefore, what are you truly left with then...? Easy. As it could never be as simple as styling someone who doesn't have the very effective option for truth too supplement facts over the "long-drawn-out haul"! Mostly because ALL things with purpose in mind, essentially won't ever (anymore) have it's sense for duty in hand, either. Meaning your left with the only comparable stationary meanings that will tempt the negotiations of many things too remake sense...once again. Even if it takes longer than what was fully expected (not the first time around). Whereas it wouldn't have taken as long when the very unexpected "anticipations" were completely expected (the second time around). Giving hope too an even newer sense of logic that doesn't have anything too truly do with normal reasoning, anymore. Actually, it NEVER did! Why do you think hope is an offerable cause too mandatory "enlightenment"?! Hopes grows into the shape or form of "believe", after all. (Leaving little powerful things both such as "decision-making and choice" entirely scrunched! While being also compressed "too death"! Too much between!) Which slightly contradicts logic ruling as it ALWAYS should. Or essentially, ALWAYS did! Especially when that very sense for reasoning becomes (all the more) valid (first and foremost). Conclusion... "Styling someone is never the option", because you essentially don't have anything more equipped than regular truth which prompts joy into hope growing and amassing into believe. Which actually creates the sense of reasoning that breaths logic into it's very surroundings.
PS... "Styling someone is never the option"... All for truth too supplement facts, altogether! Again...and again...and again....
The joy in styling someone is nothing more than the failure for truth! Only when your willing too truly adopt that very specific feature... Is when the obvious would come running at you with a very "engraved" knife!
Aug 2020 · 112
There and after...
Simon Aug 2020
You were always there to help me through things, even thou there were the obvious times when it looked too be me just helping you throughout...EVERYTHING! Except that's never been quite truthful, since our very "inception" towards one another! I could honestly say there is not a time that goes by, where you aren't there to brighten up my day when reaching out with your greeting that raises my hopes even further in life! Showing that my heart glows for the very "special" friendship that we have together! As yours leaks while softly weeping tears of joy at the very prospect of your own independent individuality becoming (all the more "tempting") when confronting yourself toward me more and more as we both "shake a leg" when our very progress seems too quicken with each step of confrontation! Which is only limited by the access that we claim within each other's very hearts! It is truly "limitless"! Only when the "there and after"... Becomes the full set at which is easier for us too pronounce in one another. Giving a raise in our compatibility together as if by a mere simulation sparks trade between our ever-increasingly lingering emotions! Where the thing that merely activated this very "simulation for compatibility"... Was a cueing announcements called "information"! Our information is both a "heart of gold", because it's made to be entirely there...afterwards! (Remaining forevermore...if not "indefinitely"!) Whatever happens afterwards, will truly test our defining features as whatever we shape our mere simulation for compatibility into the next inception toward one another!
PS... It doesn't matter whatever happens to each one of us (from here on out)! Since wherever we are within some type of "unreachable scenario"... Will know the title of this very passage towards one another.... The "there and after"... Is not something you can just claim. But for the desire between our two compatibilities too simulate a greater passage of information when our very identities become one within the desire to bear a stronger resemblance towards each other's "glowing and leaking" hearts!
Another poem about my "special friend"...kyle! She's been going through some hard times! So hope this lightens the load she's been having too carry (seemingly) alone!
PS... It's not an illusion (anymore) if she hasn't been alone...up until now (that is)! Because I'm here for her (no matter what happens)! Forever...if I haft too be!
Aug 2020 · 133
Restless Nights!
Simon Aug 2020
Restless nights are too affordable for calm composures to risk everything for a mere simple sleep, when confronting the very (something) that's essentially making your own freedom from getting..."a good night's sleep"! Since "readiness" itself isn't a calm composure (by ANY chance)! When instead readiness for the good night's sleep you ALWAYS dreamed of...isn't within the standards for your own mind to completely disagree. Mostly because whatever is the very (something) that is keeping you from the very thing ("you ALWAYS dreamed of")... Is what's also making your own mind agree with you (as if it was too easy for the mind too never become "suspicious" of a seemingly natural good night's sleep to begin with).
PS... A good night's sleep is only but a curse! A single restless night is ALL the mind truly needs to feed! While readiness (being the very thing that isn't a calm composure by ANY chance) itself, is only but the countermeasure that separates both into giving away what that very (something...truly is) that's seemingly keeping you from what ("you ALWAYS dreamed of")!
Never fully trust your own mind when it's given heavy doses of such a thing simply called... "A good night's sleep"! Its trust is in the very "disturbance" that would otherwise keep you in the dark to both torment and pervert the naturalness that is of..."a good night's sleep".... Forevermore turning into the blight that is of a..."restless night"!
Simon Aug 2020
Left is right... ...Because right is left... Except how does one or the other directional scenarios fair against the opposing opposites (that is themselves when conjoining as one "unifying whole")? Both directional options are just supposed to detour (each other) one way or the other (while seemingly going around each other again and again through countless twists and turns operable for success)! While also maximizing a different route, altogether! It's what makes paving a simulated pathway (so too speak) in order to free up space for the simulated pathway to give a better instruction manual about which way to properly (the next time around) carve my "simulated pathway"?!
PS... ("Which way"...) ...Is NO truer stated governing way!
"Which way is the truer way"... ...Is just a momentary foundation meant to give you more then one hand the actual assistance of a time (that's truly supposed to last apparently... ...Only one hand at a time...) ...Repeat, repeat, repeat... ..."Left is right"... ..."And right is left"...
Simon Aug 2020
You shine more brighter thinking everyone can already see the complete obvious... When your just draining your energy away that will (sooner rather then later) exhaust ALL the light in you that's essentially shining brighter then anyone else! Potentially forcing you too see reason of what the obvious already had been giving away since the very moment you started "showing off"!
PS... It is what's called when you shove everyone else out...except your very own "pretentious" ego!
Thinking you can shine brighter than anyone else is fine and all. Only when it's for a greater point, then one's very self-importance clogging the way of your seemingly random non-negotiable reasoning that set's flames full of obliviousness!
Aug 2020 · 151
Detesting Authority.
Simon Aug 2020
Detesting authority isn't in the background service for pleasure. But for authority to simply detest it's own offer at a newer starter development. Then it should have taken that very chance at not becoming more detesting of itself. Unless the authority is being too harsh onto it's own background service for pleasure. Exceeding boundaries where none were ever supposed to have surpassed!
Detesting authority is one thing... But remember that authority (in it's own right) isn't valid to prepare for the worst.... Unless that very authority is detesting all essentials without pleasure to know of it's own decisions? Which is no different from even telling left from right apart!
Aug 2020 · 164
Trading life for death!
Simon Aug 2020
Trading life for death isn't the countermeasure for strife! As it is very "politely" too say that life mocks the complete scenario of death itself. However, if you actually started to take a little closer look at ourselves in general... You'd come to say that our very lives, aren't so different when death essentially claims them. Only when it is time for our lives to become entirely subjected upon deaths desire to appoint life to crumble at deaths very feet. Life in deaths very comparison for an opposite comparison, is seeing that it's nothing but "dust at one's very toes". But when life is about to crumble and seemingly turn into a crumbling dustless ash... It see's itself (for the very first time ever) plead too death in such a way as if it's begging at it's very, well...feet! Revealing it's form of crumbling dustless ash, even before it's become aware of that very state. As all life ever wanted (after coming to the final point in it's very supposed fluid ride of existence) was to hope for a nice ending! Until finding out that death wasn't so merciful!
Life. Death. All are so distinct from another. But also so...frail! Could one or the other truly outdo the other...? If so, then... How would a countermeasure for strife ever determine the outcome, when everything's too "disembodied"!
Simon Aug 2020
Fantasy wasn’t always grim! It used to much more lighthearted than ALL facts put together into one fantasy collaboration. Which is exactly what’s happening in this very tale. This world. This setting. This… Well, there was once this one clan of people, who shined more than all other clans originating from the very same species who reigned as the “capital power”! An interspecies. A subspecies. Something that was greatly interwoven for many generations. Until one day, all clans became suddenly quiet. Distancing themselves from the very same who reigned as the capital power. One who merely outshined ALL the rest into complete seclusion! Doing something that was just part of their charm. Their charismatic behavior. Something that was docile (at first). Later on, showing it was entirely shameful of what they’d done too deserve whatever it was that gave them that very “capital power” to begin with. Seeing as how they control one of the most beautiful creatures that dominate the high mountain tops the world had ever looked up upon when kneeling down right at the setting foot of a monstrosity looked up to as a god! These very high mountain tops were where the most beautiful of creatures lived. Soaring higher than anything to have ever bear witness towards. A Griffin! The clan of the very species that was connected to all the other clans, are made up of the same originality! They are all related. Once. But entirely spread outward with benefits too ONLY…their own people. Their own clan. A testament to a claim willing to tear each other apart… Until there was nothing left but the once memory that echoed throughout the land. The world. Nothing but “ash” in the coming times would make this truth more fruitful than it truly appeared to be. A truth that would test this very clan that shined more brightly than all the other’s combined. The one with the so-called “capital power” would rather dethrone themselves completely! Than to give into fear of the contempt for their very actions. Something that tempts them (very much so) …. Another clan (so to speak). An enemy! Full of much more variety then the one who stood above the rest. The one (who in time) would come to be known simply… As the “Questionians”! Their very name comes from how they are a complete mystery. That may not exactly be what they essentially are called. Or refer to themselves (alone) as... Except when they do some unspeakable horror that claims witness to a crime that’d free every other clan put together (of the very same “original species” among different factions). If this exact thing actually took place, then everything would be put in complete shambles! Showing that they are the “shadow” of this very (“capital power”) clan’s democracy! A thing or force too GREATLY fear! Or else…. Or else, they would do something that would pave the groundwork for even truer fear to come about (sooner rather than later). Then what was actually taken seriously, previously. The clan that’s MOST “threatened” upon the arrival of the sudden “impending doom scenario” … Is none other than the clan known better as “the people of the Griff”! A very peaceful and agricultural people who don’t take anything out of account officially… Unless it truly meant something for them to bear witness to within their entire selves. Since there’s something very potentially “meddling” going on within these very people. First off, they keep too themselves “happily” alone. And unaided from the outside world and the rest of its (once) interconnected species that have spread out too wide to care (anymore) about coming back to the so-called “old days”. Old days when it was of the MOST prideful! Also, where the most of prime “examples” could be made and smoothed out for the better! But what the people of the Griff value even more (upon themselves directly) … Is the most beautiful creature in the land. The Griffin! A Griffin is perhaps the people of the Griff’s most prime example to the status of a mere god! The very homeland where they grow and stride and nurture their very motions upon the mountain tops that are also referred to as gods! But not to the people of the Griff…. O NO! They don’t look upon the mighty monstrosity that is their very “worshiping” deity. They worship the very creatures that live among the very tops of that very worshiping deity (that the other “separated” clans essentially worship). As time passed, they somehow were able to bind their very free will to this “blessing” that is these magnificent creatures! Binding also their very tolerances (to the Griffins itself). Just as life itself had also binded the people of the Griff (in time) to each other. Which is where the enemy comes in. The Questionians. Finally becoming “questioned” for why they’d have one of the most bizarre names for a “impending doom scenario” ever imagined! That’s because the enemy is literally questionless. They don’t have that which the people of the Griff just seem to (conveniently) have that they themselves…do not! Forcing the Questionians to claim (what they don’t have, to officially seize otherwise) for themselves…ONLY! But that was only apart of the tale that is made to be grim among ALL fantasy collaborations put together. As fantasy wasn’t always grim. Until the collapsing of a once (friendly) confrontation had already happened…long ago. Which sparked countless dangers that are totally unheard of… Until a hero was finally able to rise up above ALL others and risk the very land the people of this world breathed truthfully for themselves and themselves…alone! A hero who would (in due time) come about changing all specifics in a world that was once wholesome. Now it’s just a teetering land on the brink of war! War that was (more specifically) a mere illusion made to justify an even worse crime made to happen. The war effort was just a downplayed diversion not really bright for “comfort” itself to take rather seriously! However, the hero who’d come to truly redefine the locals of this land and its very world back into (seemingly) “ceremonial” times… Is a young man named “Salivardt”. Who apparently, is a member of the people of the Griff. Accompanied by the strongest heroine that would be this hero’s “go-getters” type guidance. Her name was that of the very feisty “Fabian”! Who has a very mysterious past (that is said: to be hinted at being a member of that very questionless clan group)? One who is on the brink of utter disorder from also (within themselves). And together, they would reach a very “breaking point” of how each of their very destinies “securely” …come together. (And how “linear” it must seem…) Would literally reintroduce the once (“interconnected”) state that each clan of the same species once shared. ALL coming back together into one singular species! Introducing a global front that is a respectful… “unifying whole”!
A “fantasy” testament of willpower both doesn’t a-and can’t agree with itself. Unless it’s politely willing too argue against something it’s never come across before… Until (once upon a time ago) something merely told it too…of a certain “destiny” going around!
PS… Would you certainly then start to argue against something you never came across before…?
Aug 2020 · 168
Trust is not commercial.
Simon Aug 2020
Trust is not commercial, because trading or exchanging wears upon one's very truth isn't exactly well thought out. It only comes about, when one's very truth isn't (not) exactly commercial. But when trust isn't truth, when one's very wears aren't as thought out as it was to begin with. Scrambling many believes until one most tired (thought out) engagement, began to unscramble back into "trust is not commercial"!
One among us ALL comes across something that never was meant to pan out correctly. Because certainty is a believe meant to unscramble ALL believes back in onto itself! Forcing many priorities too become uncertain of itself....
Aug 2020 · 324
Charmed to being whipped!
Simon Aug 2020
You aren't entirely charmed to being whipped, if you don't take a moment to see what being merely "whipped" is even about. Showboating a charmed effect for something other than something else to "whip" itself back into shape! Lust! Ecstasy! All charmed effects without anything being whipped normally. When being whipped by a single charm defies ALL expectations for normal anticipations to fall prey to. Creating a very frustrating hypnotism functionality. Whilst also creating a very flustered trance that none can escape alone!
Charmed to be whipped isn't the countermeasure to some "doubtful" conclusion! It's meant to usher you forward without anything else seeping through to cancel out all incoming efforts (normal wise).
Aug 2020 · 292
A god is not dead!
Simon Aug 2020
A god is not dead! Only if it is optionable to be "open" to being dead! Then everything resets. Revealing what a god truly is about.
A god can't be dead... Only if it says that it is...dead!
Jul 2020 · 156
I have faith that I can...
Simon Jul 2020
I have faith that I can... Ease the suffering of others. When and ONLY when it truly counts! Otherwise, I might as well give up on faith altogether too believe in the nightmarish reality that I'm truly trapped in! Sincerely... Someone who doesn't give a **** about their personal life!
Faith is a countermeasure for failure! It's when you only stop and wonder ("why that is")…? Then you'll pique the interest of why your faith, wasn't really what it seemed to begin with...!
Simon Jul 2020
Having luck where I can achieve anything... Is like a young kid opening a bottle of their favorite bottled soda the day it first came out! Awaiting it's arrival like the coating of a nice breeze dancing throughout the company of skin coated with sweat. As the hairs with little droplets of already coated sweat came (as if a light drizzle fell over the field of endless rows of arm hair) not so long ago. Standing perfectly ***** as the sun blazes downward like a coating of sticky smog! Making the tips of the already (***** endless rows of arm hair) shine brightly with droplets bending light between it's different surfaces. Almost as if when looking through the pure liquid droplets, you see the inside of a crystal instead. A crystal fine layer with the inside of many warped and distorted angles. All the very uncomfortable effects may seem mildly first. Except for the awaiting call of the miracle that is the sizzling bubbles popping within a still closed bottle cap of your favorite bottled soda! And that's where ALL the effects that may seem mildly first, is usually because of the miracle that is on an "occasional" slight delay!
Sincerely... The "luck" is in the young kids favorite bottled soda!
Luck isn't just impatient...when it's truly hungry full of vigor! Especially when it wants to thrive in a motion full of severity!
Simon Jul 2020
"Kyle" is more than just an unusual acquaintance... She is a "special friend" who (truthfully) I seemed to have known for only two days. When really, it's like I've known her simply as someone who's lived on my own street my entire life! Someone who isn't afraid to get themselves out there (when they feel like it...that is). With a little assistance from the good ole nudging push out the door! This all seems to add up to you reminding me of someone who only seems to be a mere afterthought that keeps coming back and seemingly introducing yourself (yet again) for the better! Someone who I'd voice the very thought that simply started with the word (of the very impression I got from them when they first introduced themselves into how they presented themselves) as "little".... Yes, that only came to one half of such a unifying whole. The entire other half came to a weird little quirky word called "squirt". Put those two together for a "unifying whole" that ends in calling them officially..."little squirt"! Except that's the impression of a mere repeated question I have in the pit of my stomach when feeling excited to interact with this very individual. All in all, the expression of themselves in what to essentially call them simply ends in one word/name... "Kyle"! Since that's what she told me herself in how I know she wants more people to essentially start calling her that. (Anyways, this is just off the top of my head when wanting to merely express the very air I breath when surrounded by her graceful charm!) Meaning she's fun to be around with! She's funny and quirky in how she addresses herself. Which makes me (again) feel like I've known her...all my life! Sometimes even feeling like a little sister I never had! Or a cousin who lives right next store to me as we hanged out by the creek trying to catch frogs. Or went biking in the afternoon sun on the weekends when school was finally out for the WHOLE SUMMER! We also connect in such a way that has me feeling grateful that I became her "special friend"! Since that's what she essentially is too me at heart! As we "clicked" (as she would essentially put it) right off the bat! Since the very few words we first interacted with one another! PS... I hope this makes you tear up "little squirt"...?! Will show just how GREAT your compassion towards it, really is hehe!
This is a dedicated poem to a friend I just only met... Yet it feels like they are "spiritually" more than that, essentially speaking!
Jul 2020 · 244
I believe I can...
Simon Jul 2020
I believe I can... Because of one device. Faith! Believing in faith can turn everything either upside down or take control of the situation and minus that very cause in one single pulse of a heartbeat!
Believing in something is either a countermeasure for disaster! Or it can be something you totally never would have ever expected!
Jul 2020 · 607
Time is not relevant!
Simon Jul 2020
Time is not as relevant as they say it is. (Tripping over their very senses in the very process that’s getting them…NOWHERE!) It could be, only if “space and time” both actually mattered. Which they entirely don’t when there’s something else that should be added to both space and time, whilst one or the others should be removed (becoming their own stated claim). Meaning space isn’t as relevant as they it is, either. Instead of saying space and time, you should actually be removing the “space” itself and putting the word “pace” in it’s (once thought “spatial” place). Now calling it both “pace and time” for ALL (in due time) too essentially bear! So, if both space a-and time are not relevant, then why does it seem like time doesn’t get the credit it deserves for being the more recognized characteristic of this discussion…? Because space goes in a category of it’s very own. That’s why! Something that need’s ONLY a good pace and time too filter it on through. Because pace is nothing more than the aptitude for something that needs a good time management either (ahead of time or beforehand) for time to not become as relevant as they say it is. Showing the truth behind the matter, altogether. Time being a thing that truly does “transcend” ALL states of matter! And ALL states of consciousness! Even going beyond what any state of consciousness could ever “assess” simply what the entire magnitude of the force of “time” itself truly is about? Nor can consciousness even define its own properties against time, instead (“with time”). When its very meanings aren’t always accountable when trying to always reason through something that essentially goes beyond yourself. For consciousness tries (as it must) to traverse every property of it’s very meaning in order to redefine over and over again. But essentially, doesn’t get anywhere. Its pace is foreboding a claim that is merely (not to be). Ordering a newer service too take its rightful place. Space on the other hand, can’t afford consciousnesses claim to help traverse ALL states, when consciousness is still a very limited piece of source material of its own former limited boundaries. Making time less relevant in this scenario. S-so space and time are out! But “pace” still is the “ticking time clock” that keeps on moving forward, even if consciousness isn’t exactly doing anything. (When it truly is…it’s just tripping over it’s very senses the same way people have said “time is relevant”.) It’s still the functioning and operable thing it’s always been. So, in order to simply traverse every property of its very meanings over and over again… Needing pace in order to hold on tightly, as both space and time is limiting their own resources each time that consciousness suspects something could be wrong. Space being in a completely different category of it’s very own needs to own the newer characteristic into being defined as both space and time. Taking time’s spot. While pace takes one half of the spot that space (was once and still currently is in a way) than for it too essentially be removed in order for it to be then (in due time) called simply “pace and time”. Marking space as the newer ownership as being both itself and time (simultaneously)! All at the same point in time. However, that doesn’t exactly mean time is anywhere now but undefined…. How all this essentially works is that when time is not relevant, space takes over ALL priorities (even time itself)! Then pace comes in because time is becoming more and more nonrelevant the more the truth is truly “perceived”, than for it to be normally seen, (as a result). Forcing time to reveal why it is not in fact, relevant. When (truthfully) it is entirely something else altogether. It’s entirely made to go beyond ALL states of matter and consciousness. Simply because where time truly flows from… Or “flows out from” (to be more accurate). Is something going beyond the normal universe (as we know it today), essentially! Some type of known space (I guess too essentially call it) that’s trying to take over the normal universe’s current representations. Something like space wanting to essentially own ALL! Abruptly becoming top dog for ALL staring representations (in the current normal universe) to surround themselves in awe around and around… Showing no further representations available, anymore. Just an empty abyss! Until there was nothing left, but true…empty space!
Space could very well be a non-realistic form of a past impression that says it’s merely the pale imitation of a simple illusion! Yet, a simple illusion that (still to this very day) could defy ALL comprehension towards the one’s who are tripping over their very senses saying things like “time is relevant”! When that get’s them only so far, before they start to eventually realize that something could be amiss….
Jul 2020 · 169
Who am I?
Simon Jul 2020
Who am I? Well isn’t that the silliest question to ask someone something so personal like that! However, it doesn’t mean you’ll get results. Want to know why…? If you do…then I’ll let my true self invite you straight past the conscious mind that is always “wilting” at the presence (besides my own) that gives it such fear! The true self is feeling the urge to make it’s move. Now we are passing by the ending borders of whatever makes up the outskirts of the conscious mind. What I’d like to call the “caressing at the edge of one’s own consciousness”! Now the true self is feeling they need to do something quicker! Or else your very invitation would become too quick (not too judge roughly). And not meet up too the standards of what my true self truly wants from you before we essentially meet (sooner rather than later). That’s when the outskirts immediately became blackened! As if something simply just “***** out” the light keeping the waking state forever lit so regular information could be normally processed by your very thoughts. But I think we ALL know better than to trust something too lightly (this time around). Whatever just happened, had never happened before. Except when it always did, apparently. Just not in a perceiving (still “consciously” lit sort of way) when your still able to see everything on through. But then…whatever was the “blackening of a lit focus” all about then…? It wasn’t… Well not literally, anyways. That blackening was just my conscious mind being removed from standard reality altogether. And the caressing at the edge of one’s own consciousness was actually the most literal physical touch from something I don’t ever want to engage with! But that doesn’t mean it was my true self. That’s why we simply continue on towards one’s very subconscious (which I think is a complete sham)! A fake meant to lure you into a very “disembodied” atmosphere! A mere pre-setup distortion meant to confuse everyone who simply wanted to know simply about their very general make-up. You latch onto it, and in the (“spur of the moment”) you become executed from your very visual sights altogether. Seeing something completely in a very black smudge sort of way. It’s unmistakable! You are perceiving everything (and yourself) as this very black smudging representation. It’s ghastly! But it’s working it’s very magic! Because it’s real (nonetheless). Real as anything real can get! As your own already perceiving touch that which can’t hope to match up to this one. And yet, this is from the literal inside out of who and what we truthfully are, essentially. In this state, you start to lose ALL sense of yourself one piece at a time. Slowly forgetting you even came here in the first place. That’s when you then suddenly feel this non-physical tug. A tug that couldn’t have been real. When it’s just your own mere mental projection meant to feel your bodies limits back upon the surface trying to tether it’s pull on you back to that very surface. Your body was trying to enact an official “recall”! Judgment that was meant to be just that…pure “judgement”! Judgment that will slowly eat you up, if you aren’t so lucky as to continue going deep within yourself…forevermore! That can’t ever happen! Which is why my body is desperately now trying to reel me back in too safety. Trying to pull me back to standard reality where sense was meant to hold on tightly too everything you held dear! Especially also saving the one you brought with you. The invitation was merely becoming stepped on! Spit on! Disgracing a true self’s audience…was like upsetting your soul’s very effort’s at trying to desperately re-establish the connection with both your mind and body. When your body was able to reel you in, you will feel the very lightest of a single tug (besides whatever else was tugging on me). The tug again (that was not my bodies “tethering” effort), was that of a non-physical nature. Made to easily trick and silence ALL your efforts in one globalized realization. A globalized realization that was false at first. Then once again remained it’s inviting tone to say the least. I simply didn’t distrust myself of whatever was down there would let me flow freely. Because whatever was pulling me back towards the surface, was the (“safe harbor of trust”) itself. Something I was always used to. Not the uncharted territory that myself was never used to…but (nevertheless) is attached too ALL of us! I was still being pulled backward, whilst the lightly non-physical tug that seemed eerily non-existent. Impossibly so! All I see when looking at the thing grabbing onto me, was that of a very translucent sight of a glossy glow made to be the colour of slight gray. Whilst the darkness itself enveloping it slowly distorted any other colour for me to simply recognize. Because that’s all I saw from beyond the shadows. More blanketing darkness that seemed to be a face more then just some regular representation of a normal pitch-black void! (I didn’t see a face necessarily…as I “impossibly so” could certainly sense one!) That’s when I was slowly (but surely) seeing the quickly enveloping darkness being pulled away from itself. But that was only but a small illusion among the different representations of distortions that had to do with being ****** through and inward throughout different conscious realms and their (seemingly) scary states collapsing me one piece at a time. (Not to mention whatever it was doing to my friend.) I didn’t understand it until afterward, nor was I even aware of the continuous strain that seemed to go on for eternity! I was losing myself one piece at a time. But that doesn’t mean I was losing my intelligence in my very senses not to know the difference. Especially “conscious wise”. When I came back to my senses…it had felt like everything was that of a complete blur…! However, there I was, completely sitting there in class on another regular day of school. Except this time, there was a friend of mine that reminded me fully of what essentially just happened. And then saying they were scared for their very life! Simply perceiving them as if they were still my bodies entire representation reeling me back into the light, to “jump-start” my consciousness once again! (As if hinting this has happened to me on “more than one occasion”!) Because it seems that when I came back, my entire system was still in the process of essentially “rebooting”! I did after all reportedly lost pieces of myself, that were still (slowly but surely) reassembling itself. As they weren’t entirely “ripped or stripped” only to be forever lost in that seemingly eternal darkness. FOREVER! Yes and no! They were merely misplaced (more than anything else). Thrown off into the background somewhere, only to be “lashed” for their very representations, openly. Somewhere entirely behind the scenes where I had no right to go. (Probably because I needed to fulfill the necessary wishes of my true self’s invitation…likewise with a friend, this time around…) When all the sudden my friend started speaking to me (as if they simply were trying to snap me out of my supposed “shocked spell” I still was apparently in)! Then before I knew it… They were simply running away from me (as they always reportedly seemed to do.) Wailing with both hands covering their very eyes as if they were suddenly crying! (I was flabbergasted!) Then I simply opened my mouth just a crack, and said one thing… ******! I messed up...again!
When it comes to voicing your opinions about the subject of “Who Am I”. You come to a very fine example that one’s very self (that they’ve always known truthfully) isn’t all it’s (seemingly) cracked up to be. Especially apart from what you’ve heard from other’s and their true experiences with that of their very own…true self.
Simon Jul 2020
I was told not to venture too far! (As if I was "supposed" to do as I was told, I said to myself.) But the matters are not within the details...but within the margin that exercises ALL believes about such a trip down a path your meant to go as far as your little ("wishful thinking") can take you that far! However, you aren't supposed to venture that far, (I said too myself) again, reminded of what they simply told me. That it was safer to take the path at which had more better structured limits! Better structured limits that were enacted under the ruling nature of a commanding authority! One that I (under NO circumstances) could pace myself against not to obstruct! I was young...and essentially alone in the world! That's why I broke the limitations they simply gave me.... So I could pave my own route for a path of my own choosing. Something that (if lucky enough) I could push past the limitations of that very path (by hindering the very trail markers that were some type of barrier that weren't aloud to go...ANY FURTHER)! I ignored their rules and carried on my own way (that I thought was best). Because if I just simply walked past the limitations with courage in my steps and the dignity in my own will to simply defy those very rules... Then truthfully...I was entirely unstoppable! That's why I trusted in my very gut that whichever lie at the end of the path full of limitations enacted upon the nature of a commanding authority.... That's where I'd find myself. By looking ahead of such rules and limitations, I could (essentially speaking) find where I truly belonged in the world. Not to be afraid of any such rule (since it was now of my very making)! NO ONE ELSE'S!!! Then at the end of my journey... I would know what it's like not to be alone in the world...anymore.
PS... That very wishful thinking of mine...had now transcended!
Taking routes for a (as yet) unpaved path wasn't as "risky" as one would make it out to first. Just trust in your own guidance to help you stride onward and upward!
Simon Jul 2020
I became myself when no one else knew who I truly was. Why...?
Why couldn't anyone simply figure me out (ahead of time) when I could entirely (beforehand) figure myself out since even when I was first brought into this very world...? Well isn't it obvious...? A voice said, tempting me to gaze upon the very fixed position at which the voice came from. But when trying to focus on it harder... I seemed to have become both aware of and realized towards it's actual radius from how far it truly covered my very thought process. It became a rarity which seemed to last (somehow) for an entire lifetime. Because what this actually tells me, is that the radius came from everywhere! (How's such a thing even possible? I'd never know, truly!) No circumventing around any such corners or bends. No swerving out of alignment just so it could have a quick pit stop just to say something else that (could or could not have been just as important to what they simply just said right and now). I was entirely speechless...! I didn't know what too think, except for what they said. Now sounding as if reverberating a soundless beat. Something that had used up ALL it's amplified power of sound to come to a now soothing calm beat. Something sounding too distant not to be fake. As it happened without any of my senses whereabouts from actually knowing. Because if my senses even knew where it was essentially coming from...they'd swear to know it was coming from deep within themselves. B-but that's a complete mistake...! It just had too be! There is NO came from them.... Or else then, everything's not truly what it seems in one's very mind, right...? So in this very hour of need. This very desiring minute of youthfulness. These very repeating seconds that reveal totality in it's best remarks. Mind. Body. Soul. It's not what it seems to be. I've figured out my very self before anyone else could advance towards my literal cause. Because when I actually appeared before that very now still distant voice that simply gave off a very reverberating tension... I spoke back to it as if in the form of a single swaying of my gaze from the inside out. And do you ALL know what I saw...? NOTHING!!! I saw...NOTHING!!! That's *******! I thought too myself for a quick brief silence between (me, myself and I). There may be essentially nothing there... But I can see straight on through that nothingness as the horrors that await my true self. I know now why NO ONE else could figure me out or knew who I even was...before figuring myself out firstly. Because that's how it works... My true self is the horrors that await me past the horizon of that now still very distant reverberating sound. A message that speaks volumes against those outside myself to stay wary of who I truly am. (Or what I truly always was...without simply giving the very recognition it ever deserved.) I see ALL! Because I know ALL! It happened everywhere! Because it was everywhere! I surpassed my entire limits long ago without anyone seeing why that was. Only my own waking state, conscious mind keeping me rooted in regular reality long enough to keep being my still same sane and neutral self I've ALWAYS been!
When you've essentially figured out your entire self (before even growing up throughout different phases of lives very lessons)... You come to appreciate the horrors of what those very implications have in store when seeing everything else as a merely pale imitation trying to restore some resemblance back into just ("not knowing ahead of time")! When it's really the very creepy impression of ("beforehand") you should really watch out for...!
Simon Jul 2020
Tasting pleasure is not my fault for one reason, and one reason...ONLY...! I am ecstasy itself! Ecstasy that is not within my own choice to choose from. I merely tether my own choice towards the pleasure I hope to tether towards my ecstasy as tasting it with pride. That's why I tend to fail sometimes when knowing it's my fault for who I am... But fail (all the same) to see through the lies of my very delusions tell me so, simply! I'm a failure to my own structural design! As I'm also a failure to my own choices among the same decision-making my actions enforce. As I'm not going to lie about such things, but... I don't truly want to taste the pleasures my own inner "ecstasy" demons want from me! They want to mutually **** me dry! Only for myself to last long enough by the hand that want's to be free of them...ALL! I want them to stay and torment me for the pleasure of such tastes! I want to devour my own inner "ecstasy" demons...for I HATE what I've become. (Triggering forevermore something I could NEVER control!) Not to mention the torment I pose upon myself and those very demons! I want respect where respect can't (ever again) be given, when I've eaten myself up long ago! This simple passage is a given guilt upon the makings of an apology that I could come to grips about getting it out there into the BIG BAD open world! Who would come to appreciate my suffering (first and foremost)? A curse that will spread like wildfire! Where in time...the whole world could forgive me for what I've done to myself, and to others. Since what this passage reeks of, is the after-effect of the incident that is clearly behind the scenes doing GOD KNOWS WHAT!
Curses define pleasures, whilst curses than redefine those very pleasures like an epidemic!
PS... I hope such conclusions force you to realize what's become of you?!
Jul 2020 · 353
Myself tearing up!
Simon Jul 2020
There is no essential self that can't not weep their desires outward for their own delicate surface of skin not to notice. Since skin is the surface area of ALL sensory receptors to firstly take in the rush of potential environmental information. However, the most pleading debate that tears are still flowing despite me not feeling the need to weep in the first place. That's because whatever rush of environmental information came splashing your very skin and the receptors that (majority wise) make sure to immediately take in (as if by automatic purposes). They entirely relay that very information by the balance of how your emotions simply took it. Which by judging simply by how I'm essentially tearing up, myself just went through an even bigger withdrawal, than I previously thought!
When you essentially tear up, you don't see a lot of data that seems to become sparked from deep inside yourself. That's because you aren't as self-aware as you give yourself credit first!
PS... If you think otherwise...then why are you essentially still tearing up...?
Jul 2020 · 169
Simon Jul 2020
Once I went out to seek for a new job.
Only to find out I came home (afterwards) completely mad!
When it comes to being unemployed it's hard to imagine success again.
When (once upon a time ago) you once savored every moment of that very success before your realizations of it suddenly one day...went down the drain!
Jul 2020 · 128
Gentle thoughts...
Simon Jul 2020
Wearing such an appearance as gentle thoughts is an illusion!
Wearing it for fun is the slow delusion creeping up on you.
Gentle thoughts may be fake... B-but at least I have my own dignity to outshine my true self as my truer appearance!
PS... Gentle thoughts
Gentle thoughts... Is a very remedial option!
Jul 2020 · 139
Simon Jul 2020
Have you ever once thought about being thoughtless...?
I have... And it's not very pleasant!
Showing I've been thoughtless towards my own inner self in order to gain the advantage of forced self-acceptance!
You are thoughtless once you can't begin to understand the very situation in front of you!
Jul 2020 · 114
Simon Jul 2020
I rhyme to stay in touch with my own inner child!
Only enough before I realize I'm already too old to admit I've been wrong about why I've always thought I'd been rhyming...when it wasn't to begin with.
With that I've forsaken my own trust about who I am...till the very end!
Rhyme as you must... It's nothing to truly be taken seriously, unless it's an option to help you simply cope!
Jul 2020 · 160
Simon Jul 2020
I'm sold on a once thoughtful deal I never even made!
Only until I have my wallet in my very jeans back pocket am I willing to be sold towards selling myself clean!
I never been sold to a deal I could both never know about and never have not known about...
Unless I'm more then meets the eye...already!
PS... I know what's really going on....
Jul 2020 · 275
Simon Jul 2020
Being a victim of caring doesn't make me proud.
Only until I've come to terms about who and what I am.
Especially towards the costs of being the caring friend that's made me into a victim!
Being a victim isn't the hardest thing (I remind ALL of you)!
It's ONLY when you come to distrust the very actions of being (once a victim yourself) is where you can come to better terms of simply having that do over.
Jul 2020 · 141
Simon Jul 2020
Caring is the way to perfection!
You sway my way in order to advance to the next round.
I'm lucky to have support from someone who actually cares!
Only until you dry my essence up and move onto the next victim!
Caring isn't for quitters!
Jul 2020 · 340
Timing is everything!
Simon Jul 2020
Timing is everything when you aren’t certainly prepared to strike down your own advances in the face of extreme fun! Because fun (on the other hand) can’t and will not strike fun at the advances (that is your own product). Only to have (“timing is everything”) shrivel up and die! Except that doesn’t make any sense to have one or the other act as a simple countermeasure conjoin up with an interconnecting way of making things (all the better). But it’s already been like that too begin with! Someone once said as if by the simple means of a very lonesome echo. An echo that doesn’t have any priority to offer itself, except for the many occasions of seemingly never-ending “reverberations” that rebound off an endless process meant to coincide with something more important then itself. (“Itself”) … As in a very lonesome echo that keeps “broadcasting” every chance it could get its own “echo processing” hands on! That is if it’s not already of the “correct sorts” to measure such a claim. (Since a something can’t be seemingly claimed if not for a desire not having its own identity to bear!) For it simply trying to claim something (only to get it right the first time) is only but a fashionable illusion made to show that once something only seemingly happened once… It actually had been going on for an “infinite” amount of time without any specifications for how long it could have lasted? Or how long it’s very “reverberating transmissions” (and the effects surrounding it) would essentially last for? There was never an essential answer to this very question. Since questions aren’t in the correct sorts either, when trying to come to terms with an answer that demanded essential “answers” (right off the bat) in order to carry on forward. True…true…true…. The (someone) again once said, as if by the simple means of a very lonesome echo. How many was that…? And how many times did it resort to acting out in the best interests of something other then itself? The narration of this very passage “ticks” momentarily, as if to really “access” any of what this lonesome echo broadcasting mindlessly was “babbling” about?! When the narration did eventually come to terms about what its own “accessing” safely filtered out in the open for (all to see…not just in itself), it was confused (more then EVER)! What information it simply found out, was about how the lonesome echo repeatedly broadcasted something too many times that of course (it was not seemingly aware of…at first). Because even if it was, it certainly wasn’t caring of the repercussions bending the very instances that are (all the sudden) too alert to take…certainly lightly. Just as the narration of this very passage once took this all to heart (once upon a time ago). (If only for just a single moment). Not long after when it revealed that these very reverberating transmissions were in fact bending the very behavior of this once lonesome echo. And as if the narration hadn’t already been ticking it’s very “accessing protocols” together, revealing also another profound secret piece of information. Is that this all took place long in the past. Showing these very reverberating transmissions were the result of an overly prolonged exposure to something finally catching up too itself. Can you essentially guess what that very (something) was who finally was catching up too itself…? If you did, great! But remember this, as it’s VERY important (so to speak) …. Cast logic completely aside for only just another overly prolonged (“exposure” of a moment) having possibly been the size of another “infinite” lonesome echo broadcasting wildly! (Not to mention fusing its mindless behavior together as one!) You’d (all the sudden) get a random “alerting call” from that very someone who was essentially reaching out with tons and tons of echo’s in order to (not just make a “too long of a point”) when they essentially were only doing it for fun. Except for the fact the lonesome echo was essentially losing itself one reverberating transmission at a time. Strongly revealing another piece of the puzzle…. That it wasn’t just losing itself throughout its own “reaching out” protocol. But simply trying to keep up with its own alerting call it kept casting judgement on in order to simulate some “twisting fate” together. A twisting fate that it initiated together (in it’s reaching out protocol) as “timing is everything”!
Fun isn’t within the priority of itself. Just as someone once said about themselves “once upon a time ago” for being essentially narrated for their very own safety. (Even if it at the time again, “once upon a time ago” was for their good!) Only to have the essential name of this very passage mock itself time and time…again!
Jul 2020 · 127
Measuring everything twice
Simon Jul 2020
When you measure something once, it doesn't always go the way you fully expected. Nor was it how you solely intended for its very actions to not solidify your commands very nicely, either. That's exactly why you need to measure those very commands twice, or else those very actions (which became the dreary outcome beyond both your own expectations and how you never intended it to go the exact opposing opposite way you truly "not so wisely" measured it, the first time). All this isn't as solidifying or even unifying when you shed the costs of the simple mistakes that turn into even more dreary outcomes! Either ahead of time, or entirely beforehand. (Since sometimes the most basic mistakes of our very actions towards our very messy commands, shows we perceive the outcome ahead of time, instead of taking it easy once and a while to urge our decisions beforehand...just in case.) You need to make utter sure when (the next time comes around) too measure things twice...from NOW ON!
Actions, commands, outcomes... There ALL the same for why it doesn't make ANY difference at all...when all you need to do (the next time comes around) is too measure things twice!
Jul 2020 · 337
Choosing doesn’t matter!
Simon Jul 2020
Choosing doesn’t matter much as choosing to be a somebody, would matter… If not for the totality that is the whole (“trying bit”). Trying is like the ultimate reaction time! Not because it has anything to do with choosing something whether or not it’s good or bad, whilst (choosing doesn’t matter) could actually benefit your own (trying phase) into a (somehow) newer light. Why you may ask of this very detail that seems to not shed any more “obvious” light to what’s already been the most obvious of ideals chosen to be the main majority of facts by today's standards…? Well it completely doesn’t. As it entirely does, also. You see both choosing to do something whilst (trying to simply do that very thing) aren’t the same by ANY standards. As their both each other’s direct counterparts! Given standards for a given achieving rate. None will cause you to trade ideal for fact towards choosing over trying. Simply because if choosing doesn’t matter one bit… It’s also fair to say that trying is the ultimate reaction time, because choosing doesn’t matter. Trying is closer to a stimulus. Whilst choosing is closer to a response. A stimulus is better described as being incredibly instinctive. Where you have NO motion, except for what your mind feels when constantly being pulled in so many directions it doesn’t know which way to advise itself otherwise. Commonly being used as a “deterrent for disaster” when being controlled by the very thing it’s meant to control. A response however, is nothing without its stimulus to direct the trigger that at which made you react towards firstly. Warping your very bodies need to get wrapped up into itself. (More direct artificial stimulus rises and falls confusing the bodies signals…which politely anyways sends back to the mind safely.) Threatening to shower even more reactions down on itself from the literal inside out! Nevertheless, this was good for the mind. Gave it some closure as the “god of your own body”! Mind could personally get back at the body for pulling it into thinking it was the god! When truthfully, it was simply the deprived mortal acting as the constant, repeating, signalling pack mule! Hast to know its place after all… Am I right…?! The mind said, confident in its very words. All because the body reacted to something it inadvertently forced the mind into thinking it was being pulled around in so many directions, it didn’t know how to otherwise order its entire counterpart to simply halt! Simply by saying…STOP! However, you must know by now in today's age, that when something is amiss, you don’t simply surrender lightly. Especially when it doesn’t feel right. You ALWAYS listen to when something doesn’t FEEL…RIGHT! Am I right…?!
Choosing isn’t exactly “the worse for wears”. It doesn’t prone someone’s very self to complain when trying to simply do something (for the better). Especially when the potential outcome doesn’t come up as very mature.
Simon Jul 2020
MajorityOne like many other instances of power known solely from other literary passages as both the Oblivious King and the High of Confusion (and a little about the seminar of truth here and there) … …However what makes this particular instance of power very intriguing is that it means a solitary sign of “respect”. Meaning it’s a one of a kind. And even better whilst being on a universal platform…so to speak! First and foremost, like all the other “instances of power” of its kind. Just as the Oblivious King means your already a bonafide king, but is completely oblivious to its whereabouts upon it’s secrets. (And the identity of that very secret in repeated questioning.) Or the High of Confusion which surrounds you both inside and outside yourself entirely with a confusion that goes beyond normal realized confusion altogether. (However, the seminar of truth is something to do with your very inputs that have a very serious seminar about discussions, and what to do about the “truth” in all it’s very facts. A VAST parliament of inputs exchanging many facts of truth whilst the seminar heavily ways over their very discussion!) The name for a sign of respect revolves HEAVILY around how of the entire majority, there’s ONLY ONE among who has dominion over ALL respect amongst its common majority. A specialty like the High of Confusion being not the normal realized confusion when going past someone’s first initial realized impression of it. A respect that goes beyond what the entire majority can EVER handle. That’s why it’s called the MajorityOne. Showing that there’s only ONE who could be of the total respect amongst the entire majority. But who could take up this very title, I increasingly wonder…? Well since it’s an instance of power… It’s also an impressionable mini avatar for the universes both properties and meanings. Showing time and time again that it’s different in its own way. Vastly hinting at it having its very own sentience of sorts. A sentience motioning a by-play in its own regards for bypassing the entire majority that has respect over itself entirely. Surpassing the entire common majority with it’s very own! A respect that’s now (forevermore) part of the universal spectrum platform!
MajorityOne being the simple, but very complex sign of respect isn’t something to take on their very own mantle EXTREMELY lightly… It’s very important for you to either handle or revoke its very claim altogether. Because if you have respect for yourself or for another besides yourself entirely, then you have yet to know of the respect that comes from the one who has respect over an entire common majority…!
PS… Universally speaking!
Simon Jul 2020
An impending rate of consequence isn’t about the value of oneself when given the very right to dispose of ALL rates about the consequence that turns into the reigning champion for consequence itself. Since that very champion for consequence is how oneself would then value that very impending rate over itself entirely. Prompting the desires (that at which are forevermore “tempted”) into deceiving itself to see ONLY desires full of the consequence which is full of impending rates that (inconclusively) “shines” every claim you truly desire. Especially if that very desire doesn’t like having an identity for claim to certify it’s right for oneself to be given value over lordship as being its champion of its very own consequence! Showboating something that increases with every impending rate that coasts along without value in an identity that’s meant to be desired upon. Whilst there’s nothing more to be said or shared when there’s NO claim in itself without oneself to actually come out and perfectly express that they are lordship of claims value without a desire firstly. Which oneself is then slowly tempted upon to not see correctly. Hence, thinking they are simply a champion of consequence that performs those very impending rates as their very performance quickens steadily.
The impending rate of consequence isn’t valued upon itself in the service for oneself to simply recognize right off the bat! Since it can ONLY do so, if a desire can ONLY identify the source for a very rich claim to forevermore offer the correct source material away from consequences lining up at an “impressionable” door full of those very impending rates!
Simon Jul 2020
Simply because it isn’t exactly affected by something prone to burst out and gut you like an already survival pig! Because as chaotically funny as that truly sounds… One is not of the baseline rhythm for a linear line to cut ties with something meant to both simulate and represent the most basic primitive logic surrounding every step you take without deciding to either pivot from the actual issue to ignore pleasure for clarity, sidestep yourself clean off the map to avoid (yet again) another “purposeful collision”, and then bobbing and weaving to perfectly ignore what you’ve already known to be the mere gesture for your very focused survival while purposely caring to ignore ALL it’s benefits. Or you simply jumble one step ahead of the other (one after the other like a very thin tightrope) as those very steps carelessly wobbles off the perfectly laid out linear line too straight for focus to just (right then and there) be taken off course…immediately! Showing how messy your showboating everyday basic performance around everyday life truly is when slipping up to threaten the obvious away from something you just want to carefully patch up and ignore. Since the ONLY benefit you trust the absolute MOST…is your own decisions to ignore the baseline reality who’s forgotten its own benefits away from what a single linear line is all about. Especially when that single linear lined point, is where you will both fail, (only to RISE again)! In hopes to tumble ALL OVER AGAIN! Showing that a linear line breaks baseline reality when you prolong the impending issue away from the logic quickly withering away without calm dispositions measuring out of control, when it’s really “measuring control” itself too carefully for focus to ever be the real medium. Meaning there’s too many mix-ups in baseline reality itself to not just be either the one making those careful steps giving off the obvious of messing up on purposely to urge a linear line that they are the one missing it’s own benefits directly, for desperation at never again finding it's own way through. To (yet again) a never-ending choice for survival to be (“gutted like an already survival pig”) for not seeing the obvious sooner, rather then later. Especially when the benefits actually course corrects NO other route, except for a single linear lined point to be too confusing not to see its own destination properly. Especially when there’s NO single destination for when there’s NO ending point of such a thing that’s “destined” to be a never-ending linear line going on forevermore. Never thinking of many shortcomings to bear witness to, when it could go on a forever “nondirectional” state without ANY distractions available to suddenly swerve it off course and force it (anyways) to bear witness to then direction itself. Something like (direction) it knows little about when also being forced to take on a thing called “responsibility”. (Which sort of adds into sorting out the VERY trippy elements of luck from an assorting categorization!) That quickly turns into an impending consequence!
A linear line is not something you can just play around with in hopes that it would make you a better person. (You do as you “should” be doing that for yourself…!) Whilst a very normal and typical baseline reality doesn’t just laugh at the very commands of an individual’s actions. It literally tries to “shoo” you away when you aren’t acting in it’s very best interests for a proper protocol to perform with. While baseline reality doesn’t even see the BIGGEST problem in itself for what the “benefits” in a linear line could really do for itself. Again, whilst a linear line can’t even reason what’s solely known as a clear distinction of what a “direction” is truly ALL about!
Simon Jul 2020
Excitement is like an obsession! If taken for the abundance type of a seriousness going OVER someone’s own limits, that is… Then you’d have something of a problem to say the least… Problems that govern different types of obsessions from totally overshadowing something that was just supposed to be the time of a GREAT “excitement” to come! But what do we say about something becoming merely “overexcited” …? Easy. But simplified for ALL “hearts content”. Is that you start to lose yourself in whatever event this very excitement is “legitimately” taken from. And just as there’s different types of excitement, there’s also even more different types of obsessions. One I know VERY WELL…. Because I simply have it. It’s what’s known as "obsessive compulsive disorder" (OCD)!
Poem about how excitement itself is like an obsession. Therefore, it could be either mistaken, or fully taken as OCD itself.
PS... Entirely depends on your actions!
Simon Jul 2020
The past circumvents the future simply because the past is again, simply trying to catch up with the future. Only because the future goes beyond the past’s own horizon (which is obvious to say the least)… …But nonetheless, has a greater beneficial outcome to sort out an input’s (“oneselves”) future events when the “past scheming scenarios” comes back and either “hit’s you” when you need it MOST, or calmly assorts the different factors into something you were NEVER aware of…until it was already too late to bear yourself suitable against!
If your own (trying too hard) "circumventing" past tries to feel the mere guilt of such a challenge for change, then ALL is not lost.... Your simply just trying to make up for the ample amends of a desperate scenario that doesn't "taste" like everyday life. Which solely doesn't fit with today's standards about how your future is (somehow) always looking so bleak!
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