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Sep 16
Here I am.
Reading between the l i n e s.
To be honest,
I’m quite lost.
Trying to find truth or comfort.

One step forward,
Two steps backwards.
I’m trying to keep my emotions down,
But I forget my eyes speak.

I’m becoming scared and tired at the same time.
This sadness is like being colorblind,
Listening to how colorful this world is from others.

My forest is dark,
And my trees are sad.
Listen I don’t control my thoughts,
I wish you could understand this.

Sleep isn't sleep anymore,
I use it to escape now.
My mood doesn’t just “Swing”.
They bounce,
And recoil.

While everyone moves on,
I’m stuck in this hole staring up.
Something in me just..
That’s the easiest way to describe it.
For once my raw thoughts were able to come out, I try not to feel like this on a daily basis but sometimes it can get the best of me.
Written by
Hunter  19/M
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