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Jun 2019
Allegorique- You were a star that shined brighter as the night darkened
Metaphore- A sun amongst moons
Metonymie- Your brown skin had won my heart
Synecdoque-The power of love
Hyperbole- 1000volts ran thgough me as you touched me
Pleonasme- This ancient ritual, from long ago
Personnification- Your eyes spoke to me and conveyed your intentions
Gradation- You were dangerous, so dangerous and threatening
Anaphore-  Breaker of hearts, breaker of love, breaker of lives, now you've broken me  
Exclamation- Liar! deviever! Traitor!
Anacoluthe-with all my love, you decided to...
Hypallage- Your beautiful face was so decieving to the world
Antithese- Your mind was with me, but your heart remained elsewhere
Comparaison- You poisoned me, like the apple of Eve did Adam
Inversion- The death of me was my love for you
Question-  Why was it me ? Why was it us ?
A little project I worked on in French & Eng Lit. I used the opportunity to make this. I will add the complete version as well. ( in Eng only)
Written by
John Arthur  23/M/Canada
   BR Dragos
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