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Jun 8
I pace back and forth
I beg to get support
I'm screaming, watery eyes.
They assure, "It's alright, child. Smile."

I climb the Mount Everest
Apathy is all there ever is.
I shout "We're running out of time!"
They sing, "Don't worry, child. Smile!"

Policies have wreaked havoc
But 'I don't know what I'm talking about.'
People getting killed in front of my eyes.
But okay yes I'm a child I should smile.

From your smiles what did you gain?
That from justice I have to abstain?
You place your hand on my shoulder.
STOP. I don't want to hear those words again.

The world is on fire behind me now.
But never mind, look at me now.
They are crying, they are dying.
But never mind, I'm smiling.
If we can scrutinise and manipulate teachings to make them about violence, why can’t we scrutinise and manipulate them to make them about love just as easily? Maybe, in the future, I will not be strong enough to fight and maybe I will become the person who says β€˜Smile’.
Written by
DG  15/Greendale
   camila and BR Dragos
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