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May 2019
I will not be this young forever
my bones are bound to weaken and tatter
yet here I am trying to mold myself into something you’d rather
instead of just being me

I remember my own incessant laughter
while I was eating myself up about turning grey
what will become of me then I wonder
will the tongues of people become a predator & I their prey?

I look at myself in the mirror & think
about the times yet to come where I lose and sink
with the weight of my existence drowned in pink
with a childish dream of a future where I sing

tears do not turn back time
regret will only sting like lime
on memories I try my best to suppress
of the times I killed my self
little by little,
just to impress
something I realized while looking into my bathroom mirror this morning.
Written by
A  18/F
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