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Apr 2019
First time we kissed it was like all my dreams were coming true
I had liked you for so many years and the fact that you noticed me
My heart was unprepared for how hard it was going to fall
When you told me I was your girlfriend I screamed inside because I was so irrevocably happy
Every time you kissed me after that , well the feelings follow thus
Warmth, Passion, Happy, Excited, More, I want more, Never stop
You made me feel Beautiful with every kiss
I guess I must have said something stupid
I should have kept my mouth on yours and not said a word
I should have not had my own opinions
I forgot that I was YOUR girlfriend and that mean shut up and kiss me
I tried to kiss you less because I was scared of falling more in love
You kept persisting
I wanted to feel ugly again because I couldn't handle all the beauty you were shoving down my throat
When I pushed you away
Your grip got tighter
Running fast has never been my strong suit but what was I supposed to do when your hand kissed my face
Our last kiss was not how I pictured it
I thought it would be kind and gentle
Not a good-bye but a see you later
I guess I shouldn't have fallen for a kiss
but the person behind the lips
Written by
Victoria  23/Gender Fluid
(23/Gender Fluid)   
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