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Nov 2018
Wait is the word
sensed, is, perhaps, the better way to say
wait is the thought

the sign, signal initial init,
to wit,

you, you wit this by your wittiness, as you
you could crawl from the cave

Imagine it were you, bred and fed in dark,
flicker lit shadows on the rocks

name them, name these things you see in
flicker lit shadows on the rocks

Send the hunters now to find them, gift them
fire to see their way,
good light,
gluck, gut gluck

Between the rivers of Babylon, we wept
not for the city, but
for the peace.

Words with out, out with words,
mean meant words, anger, hate

what thought is this in this word hate,
evil, in a word.
taste and see, sweet. Venge again,
love it, love it love it

safe, senseless, sleep. Wait.

Waiting is, suffer it to be so.
waiting brings no pain,
waiting is watching

Time is spent
deceipitic deception revere

the be guiled named the beguiler
**** is imagined

Satan, the Great Shatan, the deceiver,
the poets who prospered
while lying

and adding lies to the canon included
in the fruit of the tree of knowledge

The unconscienced demi-urge, oh Jah,
in a word
hmmmm in Polynesian POV

Imaginary hells work, why then,
should no trials imagining
heaven work as well?

The old man at the back, raises one digit,
he bids us wait, and
slowly rises

full height, he is not bent with care,
flicted with spotty doubt nor
wavering aim.

You, also know,
Christ had no mythology.

you know that. You know that.
you know
absolute knowledge

you trust that's known, right.
you trust that's known right.

No, you don't.
I do.

You must wait to prove me wrong.
watch and see.
All these are trials, samples in Costco, take some home and bake them or eat them raw one after another, as free as you dare careless to be, tru res
Ken Pepiton
Written by
Ken Pepiton  70/M/Pine Valley CA
(70/M/Pine Valley CA)   
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