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Oct 2018
Is there anything softer than soft lips?
Or more electric than fingertips?
Can anything pierce like seductive eyes?
Or warm to the touch as the inner thighs?

What feels complete as fullness of a breast?
More supple skin than between neck and chest?
Is anything finer than a woman’s hair?
Or more elegant than her back laid bare?

Nibble her neck and she curls up her nose.
Massage her feet as she curls up her toes.
Anxious to breathe her into your lungs.
The gentle ecstatic dance of the tongues.

Smitten with craving as sense leaves your head.
At last she smiles at you naked in bed.
To come close is to feel the connection.
Every part of her is perfection.
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Written by
notthepoethewantstobe  M/USA
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