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Oct 2018
as you edge your way further into my life
the further away from the one we lead together it seems we get

we are so far apart yet we are getting closer

I am not with you
but you are with me always;

you made a choice to abandon what I was forced to leave and there is a major difference

between living and loving
and still

our separation still remains among so many changes
but still it seems that no distance or distractions keep me away from loving that part of you that is distant and distracted and bracing itself,

taking a breath (don't tell)

pushing back against the thing that reached out to you first
that thing you have chosen to a avoid, easily, based on our circumstances;

Everything that surrounds me is new
Everything that surrounds you was mine

except for your love and your lips on mine
and tell me again,
why couldn't this have happened when you loved me the last time

We share more of our lives than ever before yet next to none of ourselves with each other

its funny how life used to feed us in the opposite manner
but things flip **** sometimes

yet I still say don't worry;

I'm gone but I'm not really really gone
I'm just
away, if that makes sense

and yeah if I'm being honest
I might be gone but I was left

you are loved by me you know
and I hope that helps

know, if anything: I care

(too much maybe)

I'm really am sorry
but I don't know anything else.
A little blurb in need of some restructuring. I write for things to be heard more so than seen, so read it out loud, maybe!
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