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Sep 2018
thank you.
thank you for being my best friend.
thank you for running through the streets of las vegas barefoot at 3 in the morning with me.
thank you for forcing me to adventure with you at first.
thank you for being the reason so many other amazing people are a part of my life.
thank you for introducing me to the reasons why being alive is not a burden.
thank you for being my rock.
thank you for not giving up on me, even when i lash out at you and say the most hurtful things any being could say.
thank you for letting me know when i go too far.
thank you for helping me when you knew i went off the deep end.
thank you for calling 911 that night.
thank you.

you are the reason i am alive.
you are the reason i am who i am.
you are the reason i am no longer scared.

your fiery eccentric self fades indefinitely into me. opposites truly do attract. thank you for being my reason for being. thank you for sharing your warmth and color with me. thank you.

(now this, this may not sound much like a poem. but you, you sound like a poem to me.)
i love you endlessly.
Written by
athena  F/las vegas
(F/las vegas)   
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