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Aug 2018
Here I am, with the same energy as when I first met you.

You wanted to bury me so many times.
You said  last time that I was  too young to hangout with you.

And so you were at war with your mind because of it.

We met in summer.
 In that bar where I used to sing Blues.

You tried to look for me in others, but nobody has what I have.

The free spirit, the contagious energy of the 70's and the poetry in the eyes

So many times I lost myself in your kisses.
I felt so alone without you around.

You are so charismatic, you are  so involvent.
 I tried to remember when our souls met...
While I  caressed your gray hair.

Ecsaty was what you called me.

I lived high and alone.

You asked me so many things  that night.
If I was happy to  live ...

Are you afraid of die?
Are you afraid to scream?
Are you afraid to give in?

 All the questions were answered when I kissed you.
Your skin on mine.
 I like to feel it.

While you played guitar and sang blues.
You said I deserved diamonds, wreaths and serenades.
I could not contain myself when you were with me.
It was so clear that you were the one for me.

Put your hand on my waist.

 Every time you tightened my waist, your desire for me increased.

I could feel your breath catching.
You took off my clothes and I took yours.
And you almost have a heart attack.

Because you find yourself admiring my  naked and wet body.
You said that I was a fascinate young woman.
My moans were like a song to you
 You got lost in the sound of my moans.
You were lost in my body.

 I smelled young spirit .
You said that I made you dream so high.
See the universe you could explore in my body.
Being able to touch me and to achieve what only you can.
You said I was magnetic, I had something that reminded you of freedom and made you want to live.
Every time you moaned I felt alive.
You spoke in my ear that that you liked when I was wild.
 I can not imagine how this moment can someday become a forgetfulness

But life with you makes more sense.
Every time our souls met, it was an intense moment.
When I am with you, I can not find direction in my heart.
 I am lost
Lost in you.

You said it was our last night tonight

Are you going to leave me again?

 Do you want to start a fight between your heart and your mind again?

 Are you not tired of your rollercoaster of emotions?

All I know is that you don't want to say goodbye.
Shirley Antonio
Written by
Shirley Antonio  21/F/Namibia
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