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Aug 2018
Have you heard about this brute beast that lives in these parts
Restless, he roams, goalless yet he thwarts
A lot of people have encountered some never lived to see the day
Where the monster decide to move past and mind be swayed

However that monster was not feared because of its relentless attacks
Neither it was because of his horrifying expression when he appears
But because of its presence, everyone is taken aback
And with the arrival of such a beast, one's guile might disappear

Face it or fear for your stability

For he is the leviathan that never attacks, he never uses force
However, he just stands there and mocks, yet your actions become coarse
Be brave, young warrior, face the foe at hand
Before you crumble your foundation that suddenly became sand

Face the creature and you will see, your might renewed and goals are clear
Those who do not become a prisoner of life, the ones who cower in fear

Yet, here why do one hesitate, you ask?

Because in the end, we are all being attacked at once
And your actions are watched by your loved ones.
Then you realize, it's not the monster that confronted you that you should be afraid
It's the monster that lives inside every person's mind that you should keep in check.
A little bit metaphorical but it speaks about a little beast that lives in each and everyone of us.

DDLC Purist Mod is up and I am reinvigorated to write up poems.
Written by
Atomika  20/M/Philippines
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