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Aug 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

do I situate every situation that comes to me?
Or do I explain this in a gratifying way firmly?
Do I walk the walk more than I talk to talk?
Do I sleep in other Silence while the demons Stalk?
Is it a secret more than it is a rumor?
Am I too fast for your daughter more like a Zoomer?
It is no amount of energy that can place me in this
category of feeling more than myself in the normal state
relying more on this place that I've always been
freaking out everything that I can relate,
when I get nervous in this place I surely do Shake,
is there a moment where you won't feel like the world revolves around you?
are there days where you just feel like everyone
will fake around you?...
Do you recognize the railing?
Or will the rust fall off?
Do you ever feel like your heart deserves more?
Are these questions too off?
But I bet you'd feel good if you were turned on,
like a surgical machine,
and I bet you'll never feel something wrong,
don't think you know what I mean.
Arcassin B
Written by
Arcassin B  21/M/Palm Coast , FL
(21/M/Palm Coast , FL)   
       TD and Arcassin B
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