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Jul 2018
Someone once asked me why I like poetry so much
If its sometimes hard to understand
And its sometimes confusing to read

In return I asked them why they like to feel
If the feelings are sometimes hard to understand
And sometimes confusing to read

They cocked their to the side and asked what my words meant
They simply didn't understand
That the words from a poet are are tangled by the beat of their heart

Sometimes we can't help but to speak figuratively
Because we like to hide our thoughts and feelings in plain sight
Finding out what weight the words carry is half of the excitement

Just like wearing our feelings for our crush on our sleeve
Or ignoring someone when we're angry
You don't make it obvious, but you leave all the clues in the open
Because just like a poet, you want to be found
Sometimes people write because our thoughts get ahead of us when we speak, but when the words are released through our pens from our heart it all becomes clearer.
Written by
Pyrrha  20/F/Texas
       Ayu Rafina, saint8, Phillip Walter, ---, --- and 3 others
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