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Jun 2018
Footsteps follow closely to a steep edge
The sound of a shuttering camera echoes
Unbeknownst them a fall will pursue
Plunging her into an endless abyss

She laughs and carelessly trots along her handmade trail
Animated eyes flip through scenery
The footsteps lead to a ledge over the river
She slips.

Her body and her heart plummets
Desperate arms fling onto a tree, bruising an already bruised wrist.
Her heart continues to fall.

Once upon a time, she was afraid.
Thought that she may never get back up on her own.
Yet now, a gentle yet fierce feeling fills her
Frees her.

She is no longer trapped in the prison of herself
Like a phoenix, a once crumbled heart rises from the ashes of a devastating fire, and leaps into the hands of a new keeper.
Written by
Merrimae  15/Non-binary
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