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Dec 2017
love is not enough
this was beyond my comprehension
love i thought was all consuming
that when you fall in love
it was everything

and how can everything- not be enough?

and love was the way i thought
all consuming
every moment of my life started and ended with her
every time i wanted it was for her
to touch, hold, kiss
she snaked her way into my future and gripped tightly
i never wanted her to let go
and love
became my entire soul
to my core, a glowing white bulb of pure energy and light
and it felt like so much more than enough
it felt like floating
it felt like life

i had to remind myself that she loved me

then it became clear
when i was chanting meaningless words to calm myself, she loves me, she loves me, she-

everything- felt so small

you loved me

I believe you

and still you are miles and miles away and my love that felt boundless, endless

wasn’t enough

not for you

I love you, but-


I didn’t hear you when you said it
I wish I did
When you said-

But I know I can’t do this

i wish i had heard your words when my everything
became nothing
When the camera zoomed out on my life and i realized how small i was


love is not enough
ah,, feel free to leave feedback aha
Written by
mint  18/F/cali
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