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Jan 2018
Skinny is the new perfect
forget the curves you tried so hard to obtain
get thin and you'll be attractive
you have to realize you need to be the same

Welcome to society
no one ever said life would be easy
so chin up and start the dieting
but make sure you're not too ******

wear all the right clothes
but make sure that they show just enough
the right amount to keep them intrested
it doesn't matter if it's tough

They all say beauty is pain
it doesn't matter what you do
do what ever it takes to get perfect
make sure you act like you don't have a clue

Playing dumb is fun
at least until someone get's hurt
but validity gained at all is enough to sustain
even if they mostly treat you like dirt

Don't worry as long as they tell you you look nice
everytime they want into bed
as long as you're getting told
well obviously that's enough said

Ignore the red flags
it's honestly all in your head
don't worry about a thing
it doesn't matter if your fed.
It's important to know your body better than everyone else does.
Written by
Lex  F
     Ben, caroline kealler, by heart and skyler
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