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Carlie Sims Jan 2022
The person I was two years ago would have never been in this position.
But here I am now, looking into the mirror unwrapping each corner of my face like a candy bar being preyed upon by a child.
The innocence of intentions fell short of their actions.
And with that I'm here
in front of this mirror
flicking at the blue, plastic corners
I was only looking for a full stomach,
but with each layer I unwrap
I only feel hungrier.
Carlie Sims Dec 2020
In sparkling eyes love conflates
into each empty dinner plate

I could only wish to feel the heat
Of comfort at the kitchen's feet

Of happiness in an empty bowl
And the satisfaction of filled souls

But we sit hollowed from inside out
Head on to each beastly route

-Emperor of feeble epiphanies
Sell me each lightened efficacy

And maybe then we won't stare so low
From the tips of our utensils, we had honed
Carlie Sims Jul 2020
people will try and dip their fingers into your mind

like water, adapt

realize your capacity is an entire river
and they are one, small person

they can’t even begin to fathom your visions.
Carlie Sims May 2020
i could write a novel in your silence
a story of sharp colors, cut clean to the bone
with a saturated happy that drenched our lone souls

maybe a story of hope, slowly pricking down my back
jagging over and over at the last pieces intact

or sadly a story of hunger, craving each fulgent pattern
until love dissipated into our indulgent clatter

your silence is my slow death
i suffocate in each thought you left
Carlie Sims Jun 2018
i wont be on here too much longer
the ink in my pen sems to be rnnig
o u t .

the tho
ghts in my hed are draning

my poetry stands
& unfinshd

blank thoughts on the
Carlie Sims May 2018
Storms don’t last a lifetime
Only the ones that lie in your head
But remember those aren’t even real
So let go
And soon the sky will clear
Carlie Sims May 2018
how can I be so broken
from something that has never been there in the first place

how can I be so broken
from someone who wasn’t even mine in the first place
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