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i never understood their words until i built a home out of flesh to watch it bleed.

i miss my house.
people will try and dip their fingers into your mind

like water, adapt

realize your capacity is an entire river
and they are one, small person

they can’t even begin to fathom your visions.
i could write a novel in your silence
a story of sharp colors, cut clean to the bone
with a saturated happy that drenched our lone souls

maybe a story of hope, slowly pricking down my back
jagging over and over at the last pieces intact

or sadly a story of hunger, craving each fulgent pattern
until love dissipated into our indulgent clatter

your silence is my slow death
i suffocate in each thought you left
I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon
She sang slow and out of tune

Slipping out of her seat
From matching each beat
By tapping her lonely feet

She ran each stop sign
With her eyes locked to mine
As we belted the wrong lines

Her laugh trailed behind
along with her hair in the wind
It seemed so unfair to not feel this again

I'm still in love with you
On this harvest moon
I hope to feel your warmth soon
this is about a warm spring day with my mother
could they love each thing i see
or fear low breaths of thee
the room fills sweltering, heavy air hanging
as god sits tempering with pieces not painting
and oxygen fills
with my chest sitting still
so slowly it fills  
of people and pills
suffocating moments
lives society’s omen

society’s amen
what beauty you behold
                       for the sun and moon to follow where you go

the same sun the earth's one light
                                       &  the same moon that feeds insight
how undeniably powerful you are to where the sun and moon follow every step your foot takes and every breath your lungs make.
caroline kealler Oct 2019
The clouds they fade to cherry pink
Just as the grin you gave from ear to cheek

The yellow sits in my head but our dreams are washed out dead
Oh you stay in my head but please say we’re better off dead

Blue has left the sky and it’s been so long
Finally left my life and I’m so glad it’s gone

Your still in my head
My troubles are washed out dead
Please stay in my head
I’ll stay until we’re dead

Open my eyes to candy skies
Watch the colors melt me into your eyes
Paint my heart with red
Cover every lie you said
The voice in my head
Has taken off and fled
I’ll come back when your soul’s cut in two
I’ll come back when I learn to love you
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