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You took everything you didn’t deserve
You have my thoughts
You have my tears
Oh you have have the nerve
To take everything you didn’t deserve
You have my soul
You have my smile
You have my mind once reserved
You have every little piece of me you don’t deserve
You have my control
You have my emotions
You have this place in my heart preserved
You have my whole life!
Yet your words are rife!
Am I your mercy!
Because you have me!
You have me that you don’t deserve!
You have me and I have nothing in return!
you said you didn’t have any fears
you didn’t let them get in the way of your life
but one thing you were always afraid to do was lose me
yet that’s exactly what you did
I gave you the key to my soul
Now only you can make me whole
But then our love died
And so came the sorrowful goodbye
My happiness is now locked away
You ran with the key leaving me astray
I gave him all the power of who I am and he still has it.
your face is like building blocks
i build and build until finally im lost
i build to the sky
oh i would build this love to the day i die
but this image i build
it’s  hard to fulfill
finally when it becomes real
i find you not ideal
the world is messy
the world is broken
the world can be ****
but the world can also be beautiful,,
you don’t have to be perfect to be my world
caroline kealler Dec 2018
she loves him
he loves her
but her is just another name
for different girl
caroline kealler Oct 2018
I love it
the way you love the little things
the way you want whatever god brings
the way you make me keep falling deeper
the way my friends call you a keeper
the way your the only one in my head
the way I can’t even go to bed
the way it makes me all nervous
and it leaves me all wordless
the way you look at her
the rest of the world a blur
the way you don’t know what to say
but u still sweep her away
only I wish you would see
it’s all in the way I wish it was all for me
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