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Sep 2017
Someone once asked me
To describe you
They wanted an answer immediately
And they wanted a detailed one too

I attempted to find a way
To summarise your existence
And I asked them for another day
But they lack not persistence

Eventually they granted me
A minute amount of lenience
But quite frankly their request was preposterous
And a huge inconvenience

How do I describe someone
So full and complete
Yet so barren and cold
Someone without a heartbeat

I tried to tell them
I tried to tell them who you were
But my words tripped over my tongue
And their interest didn't stir

I played them some of your favourite music
Songs that meant something to you
But I must say they were quite choosy
They hated all the artists you knew

Perhaps they would appreciate a visual
Something to display your personality
You're such a colourful individual
I simply couldn't convey my thoughts ;        they didn't see what I see

I gave up
No one understood
They didn't know you like I did, dear
They didn't know they should

How could they have known
What they'd be missing out on
And now I'm out here on my own
Still cheering you on

And so I gave them a conclusion
In exchange for my release
"He's ripped at every edge
But he's a masterpiece"

No they didn't get it
How could they ?
Did they ever ?

All I think about now
Is how to capture your essence
How to describe how wonderful it was
In your presence

We always did live in our own world, dear
And I know we saw it as our one
But sometimes I wonder what would've happened
If we let them in on the fun

You left me behind
Like something old replaced with something new
And now I'm left wondering
How to capture you
Written by
Tishka  F
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