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Jun 2017
the whole concept of storms used to scare me
the claps and strikes would cause me to not want to look outside because i was scared of the aftermath the storm caused

i'm not scared anymoreβ€”in the sense that now, you're the storm
you're the claps of thunder and the strikes of lightning and the pounding of rain drops that make me want to look outside to see all of the mist and the electricity dancing above us
you're the stormβ€”you're the thunder with a laugh that echoes in my head all night
you're the rain that falls on top of my body when you need to catch your breath
you're the lightning that lights up the entire sky
hey hey hey it's been a while huh
re-cap on the past three years! sad, and now not so sad anymore
i wrote this for my lovely girlfriend a few days ago because she begged and begged for me to write her something, anything
but anyway! brb in another three years β™‘
blair asher
Written by
blair asher  coughing up storms
(coughing up storms)   
   King, Kristica and Maud Higgins
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