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May 2017
the gardener ventured
across the country
till he found
the perfect plot

young, unsown
and ready to be

he did as any gardener
would do
he planted his seed
his flower would grow

he planted his seed
and waited
he watered the ground
and waited

a young sprout
broke through the soil
and the gardener beamed
his flower was growing

and it grew
and it grew

he watered his flower
and gave her food
he thought she needed
and he plucked away
what she didn't

his flower was small
and delicate
he needed to protect her
protect her from others

she was his flower
and his alone

if she grew astray
he pulled her back
into her place

and all she was
was just his flower
and his alone
Cynthia A
Written by
Cynthia A
   ryn, Mack, Shanath, PoetryJournal and Paul Jones
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