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Mar 2017
A build up of emotions.
Screaming and banging against the utter most depths of your mind, wanting out.
Wanting to scream as loud as your lungs will take you.
Hit as hard and your fist can muster.
Frustration is a horrible, annoyance.
It's irritating and infuriating,
My mind swarms with it, all these pent up feelings and thoughts,
I feel like ripping my skin off, it's so annoying.
But yet it won't go away, and I can't make it.

As much as I say I've "let it out" though I do the opposite, it's still there.
Headachingly there.
As much as I say it's not, I'm just lying and adding to the frustration that won't seem to let go, that won't go away.
And after a while, frustration wears you down, grinds away what shred of hope you have in your soul and feeds off your dismay.

Frustration is a terrible thing.
Idk why I share my thought and **** but yeah, they're real depressed so um...warning?
Writing is relief
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Writing is relief
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