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Feb 2017
I wanted to go home, it felt like it had been ages
Having been on the road for so long.
But we stopped, because they insisted.
Two nameless faces within this dream.
"Let's get out, stretch our legs."
Begrudgingly I complied, approaching a bridge.
Down below a shimmering river of blue,
Ran silently along the banks we traversed.

This is the point where one thing, turns into another.
As I sifted through the steps and boulders beneath,
The world which was living around me, began to change.
Walls of high water rose, as I descended farther down.
And the two, who so boldly encouraged this adventure,
Left me alone to this vast maze of sunken wonder.

Exploring this labyrinth, brought me to a city
Fallen to the depths, hidden through dreams and fate
Along the perimeter as if bombarded stood a broken wall
It too, could not withstand the pressure of misfortune
Finding myself, at the bastion of this watery grave
I knocked on the swollen door, to find myself drowning
All the walls began to fall, as the river started to overtake me.
In a flash, gasping for air, I washed up on the quiet banks
With the Sunken City, ever existing in the memories of a dream.
Devin Ortiz
Written by
Devin Ortiz  USA
   MAYUR and Glass
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