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Dec 2016
To start anew on a day like this taste like nostalgia and bittersweet tea..
I remember a moment ago we were on our way to meet..
Forever ignorant to the pain we were about to exchange..
Around this time last year i was drowning in your wake of destruction.. now im being held close for warmth and safety away from you.. that touch of uncertainty forever embedded in my heart swept away so easily by only the thought of him like it hadnt eaten away at me for the last 4 years..
Whats left of me?
Is there anything left to love? Why cant i feel the moment like i use to? Why am i so far away? Did i get lost along the way looking for something that can no longer be found in your eyes?  
Is love something ive lost the ability to feel? How do you get something like that back from someone who no longer exists.. i want so badly to be able to let myself love you the way you deserve but its almost like.. i have nothing left to give.
I cant feel anything anymore.. what am i suppose to do..
Unnoticed Notes
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Unnoticed Notes
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