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Oct 2016
there is another world
we're often unaware exits
and the only time
our minds will open up
and let us see
is when we're dreaming

it consists of rules
and plans
we're unfamiliar with

the customs both confuse us
and make us want for more

there are parallel selves
to every one of us living there
and each time we visit,
we discover something more

the places that I've seen
inΒ all my dreams
are filled with fragments
of universes
multiplied so many times
I cannot count them

but there are bits of beauty I steal from every one of them
and I take what I can get
leftover from you
when your dreams aren't remembered
I dunno. I'm drunk.
Arlo Disarray
Written by
Arlo Disarray  In your imagination
(In your imagination)   
         F Unting Charlie Kilo, ---, mygreatestescape, ---, JosΓ© and 33 others
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