I tried to write it down,
But I could never find a pen,
so now I will fold up
these stories of mine
into paper lanterns
and let them float
up to light up those
empty places
where words
dare not go.

I wonder how much
effort it takes for you to smile,
To pull up tendons,
adjust your anatomy
just to convince
me that
your eyes
are lying
when they
look so helpless
-- undone.

J'entends ta voix
dans tous
les bruits du monde.

I hear your voice in
all the sounds of the world.

yesterday I saw
you laughing,
and I almost
forgot that my
body had
like moonshine
and stardust,
there are few things
in this universe
which are made
with beauty and
pure wickedness,
you just
happen to be one
of them.

You smell like pain and perfume, let me have a taste of that.

The fact that you
are so lonely,
is evidence of how desperately
you need yourself.

You were an
open wound,
you bled out
truth between
your fingers,
pleading softly
for help,
and I with
my heart of
stood silently
in a pool of your blood.

Ma mort est lente - my death is slow

In the smoke of my
emerged the ghosts
of my guilt,
emerged the
sins of my demons
-- the blood I had spilt.

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