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Sep 2016
That laughter is echoing off the walls,
They haunt the structure.

The buildings tell the stories of all the one's that died on the inside;
Tells the stories of the children that cried on so many sleepless nights.

The laughter will burn itself into the hearts of human beings.
Just  the small ones that are just starting their journey,
Now they have these marks.

Hear the secret screams;
That never can spill out but are trying to float into the breathless air.

See all those words of laughter,
Floating around a young innocent mind,
That barley had any time to even see the wonders of the world;
Now those wonders are just myth's.

The laughter is a echoed tune,
That keeps replaying.

It seems no one shall silent that laughter and see:
Its not bringing any good.
AD Snail
Written by
AD Snail  Gender Fluid
(Gender Fluid)   
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