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Aug 2016
Are they treating you well there?
I'm sure my home
Is nothing compared to yours
People here drag their feet
And curse standing in line
I'm sure your neighbors say hello
And I always thought
That maybe, there, where you are,
Is quiet
No highways or sirens
No bad news
I wish I was there
I would never desire your return here
It's too messy
You have been stripped of chaos
Worry, doubt, and pain
We all felt it a bit when you left
The pain
Especially your children.
I saw such worry in his eyes
And she lost her spark for a while
But they had us to lean on
Their whole family
The kids' smiles
I think that was the real step
The real thing that helped
Because they have no idea
They just know they are alive
And are really happy about it.
The thing is
Though Its been a minute since you left
I still can't detect  your absence  
Sure, I get sad that I cant physically see you
But I feel you
And we speak in my dreams
You always talk to me
When I was at my worst
You told me It would be alright
You encouraged me to get an education
And you were on those bleaches when I fell in agony
Nanny, Poppy, Grandma
I love you so much
Without you,
I just don't think I would have made it
And I'm sorry I started trying after you were gone
I wish I did it while you were still here
But I know you know
You hold the babies while they sleep
Comfort my mom and dad
When they are slumped in a chair
Stressed with life
And are helping us grandkids make the right choices
So we can venture into this world of uncertainty
With at least one reassurance
That no matter where we go or what we do
Our family has such an unbreakable bond
Death could never intervene
We miss you
We feel you
We love you
To my passed grandparents
Gypsy Ashlyn
Written by
Gypsy Ashlyn  Murfreesboro
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