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Aug 2016
There is a place, a place I know
The most of which I hate to show
It's like seeing a clown, but scary
It is misunderstood, yet funny

As the dark clouds eat the sky
The trees are dancing wild
The mighty birds cannot fly
While random voices cried

At the end, there was a silver lining
Then an eye-catching pure light of lightning
The heavens slowly turned red
All seems dull and all seems dead

Everything is gloomy, black and dark
But somehow I feel there is a spark
Mutiny, malice and destruction
In that very place called Depression

Feeling down, feeling sad, I have no clue
Feels like I am the darkest shade of blue
Nobody to talk to, I'm unwanted
Shivering on my thoughts that are haunted

I have dropped my pen
Yet I am still swiftly writing
Count from one to ten
Inside my head, all are talking
Written by
Ponds  15/F
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