So, here I am back in retail
after thirty years of I.T.
They sat me down at a puter
training, they called CBT's

The whole day staring at pixels
answering silly questions and queries
I thought I retired from this venue
so now I've come up with this theory

No matter what we do
no matter how hard we shirk the chains
everything runs in circles
what goes around comes round
Holy cow, a whole day at the puter! (Pronounced poo-ter)
My butt once more sore, my eyes once more strained, and all of my patience gone out the door, all energy wasted and drained :(
Just two ships, passing in the night
or two shopping carts, at the grocery store
glances that say, what could'a might'a
or maybe even, more

Who knows, who can postulate
all the what should have beens
some maybes, or conjugates
a minor sin, of skin

The look the pass of eyes
kindling of perchance flames
mentally too compromise
not even knowing, names

Never mind to reconcile
the quiet cost of ecstasy
whether yes, or not worthwhile
just, a crazy glance
and a simple
Your eyes meet, for less than a second, yet, you know! :D
She's fresh and warm and tasty, best when she's cooking
She's toast and bread and sticky buns and everything in spring
I'll butter her in every way
and with her pastries, play
spreading the petals of, her flowered honeyed wings
Mmmmmm Sticky buns! ;D~
No, my bike's got nothing to prove
so baby, it must be me
living in a helluva a town
chompin the bit
to be free

Running the lights
cruising the edge
into the sun
yes, someday we'll see

Wrap your arms tight
I'll throttle us up
we've no more dues, or fees

Leaving at dawn
our blinders on
Hell yes, just you
and me

The demons and cops
they may try to stop
but that's too little too late

Souls scream as we yell
thru gates of hell

Baby, I don't want to wait

Forever just me, and you
it's what we'll do

as our liberty
rings like
a bell
Kinda a Bob Seger/Meatloaf, Roll me away/Bat outta hell type thing ;D
Taking the dog to the dog park
where he can run, and bark
Taking the dog to the dog park
just for fun, on a lark

Sniffing every canine butt
whiffing purebreds and mutts
Sniffing and pissing an awful lot
a social event what's we've got

The dog park is his dream
he runs and plays, extreme
The dog park in his ecstasy
that's where he and I
will be
Yup, off to the dog park, he's been a good dog ;D
Cancer is killing me
even though it can't been seen
eating away inside of me
nasty and

We live in paranoia
as everything can kill
here in suburbia
where yes it can
and will

So read the stories and the studies
the ones from learned minds
analysis imperfect, subsidized
test samples small
and blind

I'm dieing everyday
and told to be concerned
a little bit in every way
as academic studies

I guess it's inevitable
my demise and my collapse
another somewhat gamble
with scientific
Yup, you can put your trust, in Uranus :D

Nope, I'm not dieing of cancer, butt, the studies would have me believe so! :(
Underwear are too tight
they bind me
every single night

I'll awake
my nuts at stake
soprano just common

So I'll pray and plead
every time she's in neeeeeed

Won't be, a woody there
never, coming

for her......
Arrrgh, it's a heart ache
nothing but a heart ache
nuts that just can't ache
keeping hardon's doooooown
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