Inside, I know her light is there
Radiant, beautiful and strong
She doesn't believe or understand
Judging herself, all wrong

Beauty is of soul, and heart
The greater part, of sums
All are the women, I have known
That shine, as bright as suns

Without any reservations
It's not easy, and never said, and done
Believe me when I say and claim
I know, that you, are one

Why do people (the ladies in this case) find it hard to believe they are special or worthwhile, even if told such? :)
Chins up ladies, eyes ahead, and ever head held high.
It's an easy noble trip, realizing dreams that reach, for sky.

Ever been to a trade show?
where they take to you Las Vegas
they sell and ply, propagandatize
in the smoky conference room, bodegas

You'll get your trinkets upon check-in
a coffee mug, perhaps, an attache
the squeezy thing, they say is bling
squished at midnight in the hotel bar
in drunken disarray

Try to stay awake
through the technical panoply
waving at contacts, give and take
a sleepy repartee

Staying up too late
she wouldn't let you sleep
using all, here, there and everywhere
sore and wore, in morning's flair
falling into her, so deep

Just remember on the plane
as you reminisce and pine
big O sex, a short simple jaunt
leaving Las Vegas, far behind

Went last year too :D
And no, no sex, occurred D:
Just imagination, running wild ;)~

Limerick me this, she cooed
as she proffer me, her cooch
dipping tongue
as her bell rung
too bad, I had to chew

Ahhhhh no! XD~

The crooks try to rob the grocery store
the grocery store
the grocery store
The owner tells em, not no more
not no more
not no more
The trigger on the gun goes click click click
click click click
click click click
The bullets in the gun go bang bang bang
bang bang bang
bang bang bang

and the bad guys
go to the

Yes, too many guns, for the crooks.
Not enough for the rest of us :)
Yes, I live in Texas, thank god.
Your average ACP holds 9 rounds (one in the pipe) ;D~

What happened to the harmony
that we used to share

What happened to the camaraderie
now we just don't care

sometimes friends just slip away :/

I've been killin canards for years
just beneath my feet
poisoning co-workers, peers
my stepping quiet, fetid, fleet

I've spoke before, about my predilection
a minefield, repugnant mentality
my sordid malodorous, addiction

Departing fast, leaving silently
passing odor laden gas
perfectly, anonymously

So ware the hallways
and the conference rooms
for my air puanteur bouquet
breathing in the fumes
of perfumery de moufette

Yup, just another fart poem.
I love how french can make any word smell like roses ;D

Why turn the lights on?

Seems like we live in a world of leaders, who would prefer we were all in the dark :/
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