I find myself too lazy
to lift or ****** my pen

I've got my words, aplenty
thoughts ladies, and women

Sometimes its best to keep inside
the sewer of my brain

So here I'll rest, and hide
the pleasures and the pain

No ink to page today, my friends
but rest assured, I will
this is a pause, and not the end
of hot ink that flows
from the fountain and
my quill
Hehehe, **** is still just **** ;D
I seem to have it in abundance LOL
A taste of her forever now
upon my lips and tongue
I'll never forget, no way, no how
even though, no longer young

No real way too explain
just what her kiss can do
the look and feel and yes, the stains
combining me, and you

So I may be condemned
to a life apart and shunned
a simple matter if, and when
that she and I
are one
She knows, I know, and
that's enough :)
Cowards die a billion times
the devil knows
each one
What can be said of those
who never conquer fear?
Don't know bout you my friend
all enemies held
There's blood upon the flag
no, it won't wash out
patriots and tyrants
of this, I have no doubts

Fathers mothers brothers
sisters daughters sons
no one as more another
all together now, as one

Living in a world
where honor is contrite
rising above the bar
brothers in arms, unite

Bring me back untethered
from places where I've burned
mind and soul so weathered
homeward, have I yearned

I've been there my friends
I've held the flag on high
all the way to the end
for those of us
who died
Thank you, for the opportunity :)
You can feel it
well, at least I can
it doesn't really matter
a woman or
a man

In sync
or just a feeling
string theory in mortal play
you and me a story
no words or lines
we can, or cannot say

So prose as you will
my responses quilled and quipped
like souls in tune on honeymoon
spirit's bared
and stripped
You know what I mean! ;D
She doesn't realize
she may never understand
beauty and love
in her eyes
it shines
as only true love can

She doesn't comprehend
she's blind to the truth and cost
simple is her plan
true too the end
she'll strive
not counting any loss

She'll not take account
she'll give until it hurts
more than she can stand
no matter the amount
only, for her man

She's the fire and ice
the flame within my heart
the cool within my mind

And so much more than life itself
and all my greatest better

In body soul
and rhyme
Ever been here?
I have, every-time I look into her eyes ;D
A firm grasp upon my neck
a choke hold I can't deny
living in the hear and now
until the day, we'll die

The man I know is in control
economic and socially defined
wanting every dollar
and yes, every single dime

Political and medical
lawful and corrupt
lustful need and urgency
immediate and abrupt

Where does the greed abort
and lead to blissful shores
satiating an endless need
as just more money
than before
Less than 1 percent hold over 90 percent of the world's wealth, how much is too much? I can't imagine being so rich I could never spend all the money I have, would love to find out though LOL ;D
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