What the hell happened too the ethics
morals be damned

Slimy and ethical?
Or unethical, and righteous?
It's a no win ;|

Gotta get the engine blocks
painted on the lawn
Gotta get the derelict wrecks
rearranged, by dawn
The ol double wide, re-sided
redo the roof, and shingles
Hell, she even wants
the sound of X-mas jingles
It's that time of year
here, in redneck land
Family coming to town
squattin a month, their plan
The yearly escapades
my dear love makes me do
a white trash decorating thing
she says
"or there's no sex, for you"

:D~ Mamma aint happy, aint nobody happy...

I have my share of paranoid
close to vest, and in my mind
it may not be real, just imagined
but not, each and every time

Fears self checked and analyzed
realizations, of logic sound
compromising, that little voice
paranoia, coming round

Too many the ways, to fail
understanding the risks and chance
not stepping out of bounds
and trusting, true, romance

I'll plunge, into the waters
the liability, my own
absorbing every consequence
all the emotions, feelings
like a run-a-way cyclone

Nothing ventured, nothing gained :D

Roll the bones
tumbling the dice
taking toll
of every roll
wallowing, in vice

Crash the gate
have no doubt
way too late
no time to wait
just what, it's all about

Gambling thoughts
playing with no cash
all you've got
or have, not
speeding, to the crash

Every past reminder
having been here, before
keepers, and finders
exiting the grinder
all the blood, and gore

I prefer the cards, predicable compared
the dice, not nice, a chaos vice
ending in despair :D

I don't feel the want, to talk too much
her touch, and eyes say more
every stroke, tender kiss
reaches, to my core

A subtle caress of motion
an embrace of words, pure art
statuary built from scratch
moving in my mind, and heart

So don't stop, or pause
on the path, of silent need
hand in hand, we'll wander on
and on each other, feed

I know it's mutual ;D~

The cops, they couldn't see it
but she did, right away
the perp had a small problem
a virtual cock toupee

Overflowing tress', pubic
like a Farah Fawcett wig
poking out his zipper
hiding all, that wasn't big

So ware the sexts you send
and don't mistype receiver
sending hairy cock pics
making the ladies gasp
and a hirsute prick, believer


I was at the store the other day and this lady came up to me, and asked if I had a light, I told her that she could find that in aisle eight, and that I didn't work there, and then I farted.

I don't wear my red polo shirt anymore in Target ;D~
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