I've been here before, and probably, will again
my actions open doors, matters of, where and when

I've often wandered, and drifted down the lane
my mind freshly laundered, a now forgotten bane

I've made my philosophical bed, and slept there every day
fuzzy memories of things I've said, and things, I didn't say

History delivers no breaks, as at each and every turn
doomed to repeat the same mistakes, and to never really, learn

Looks like history is not the only thing, with a short memory :)

I keep him under the bed
and hide him from my mom
I let him out at midnight
he sings me bedtime songs
I found him, just yesterday
a shadow in the basement
I fed him some meat pies
you can imagine, my amazement
He has some nasty fangs
and a temperament to match
His claws need some trimming
but he's dang hard, to catch
Be bit me on my finger
it did not quite, detach
I think he's really quite cute
my little, Bandersnatch

Yup really adorable, short term :D

I've heard Gaia
terra firma too
clay, dust, and loam
dirt, ground, and zoo

Names don't really matter
she'll be here, when we're gone
maybe, a little flatter
features now, redrawn

The world, as realty
was never really owned
holding deeds and properties
and places, some call home

When Gods and demons blink
they don't wonder why, or when
no reason to ponder, or even think
mankind, could ever win

We are that blink, in history :)

I open my eyes
and know, that it's a dream

there she is
just standing there

her demeanor
not quite, obscene

her lips
red as any ruby

her skin
as white as fresh sheets

her scent
purest, softest, jasmine

flower petals
at her feet

I awake
at dawn

and renewed

knowing now
I can go on

having seen her
in the nude

:D yup, there I go :D

The body count goes up
the bodies on the ground
the bodies in the air
the bodies, all around

Cutting, shooting, killing
Blows designed to slay
Stabbing, dying, thrilling
There ain't another way

Double tap, and double dead
his bullet proof, new suits
no words uttered, or said
perfect, every-time, he shoots

The car, is not the reason
somewhat, it was the pup
wife died of cancer
but his vengeance is
something, he's never

Yup, y'all know it :D

Mathematical and grammatical
eating my piece of pi
Playing theoretical
before I up, and di

Numbers that are relative
sometimes I laugh, and cri
calculating and postulating
all I can do, is tri

Opening my texts technical
the words, oh me, oh mi
dangerous as can be, my friend
using TP, that's only single pli

Hahah, I only have so many books in the computer room LOL, This (calculating) was from a tech text from the SANS Forensics lab book :D~

Typical Tyrannosaur's
tiny toy tentacles
trying to terrorize
the tanks

Terrible type, taken to troublesome theatrical ten times.
That's true :D
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