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The troll's return
the presence burns
it's not like they understand
pushing thumbs, pretty dumb
always sad, and down

Eliot in absentsia
wonder if he's here
lost controls
given to trolls
thumbing all

It's always said
ya make your bed
****** can't be fixed
trolls abound
that whining sound
nothing but twits
and *****
Well, noticing a trend again
targeted and vile
trolls attack, no fighting back
cuz Eliots gone
I looked through my telescope
and saw the seas of Mars
I gazed at the rings on Saturn
and various and sundry stars

If we're alone, or so unique
the universe so large
expanding at the speed of light
why aren't we the ones in charge?

Time will pass
and evolution may prevail
or maybe we're just all alone
another biologic fail

Science and chaos
neutrinos and ion quarks
just some more amoebas
staring up into
the dark
Who's to say that maybe, they are just as intelligent, as us :D
(maybe more so)
Wonder what donkey jerky tastes like?
Probably tastes like ***.
;D~ Snicker
Juvenile I know, still funny :D
Funny, how botherly love
doesn't extend into the parking lot.
Hhehe religion, go figure ;D
Where did we go wrong
poems, prose, words
or songs?
There have to be tracks from the place where we erred :\
The death rattle, hum and sway
rising from the dirt, and ashes
the storm now closer, every day
as thunder, lightning, flashes

Tie the lashings snug my dear
and bind your leathers tight
rising above the pain and fear
at morning, noon, and night

No release and no anger
it's business every time
inconsequential weather
just rhythm and it's rhyme

You hold the reins in grasp
always have and always will
you're the locks on your own clasps
going for the win
the ****
Nother snippet expanded :)
Not a sharp stick to be found
not on film, or upon the ground
Hollywood black balled I'm sure
weapons outlawed, deterred
flipping the proverbial bird

They're hiding from the undead
no words no actions unsaid
no sticks no crowbars no swords
nothing around but harsh words
everyone ending up dead

Last time I watched and endured
zombie movies outrageous, absurd
no common sense it would seem
going far to extremes
and thinking like idiots, turds

They portray us as fools and as dolts
too ****** to understand bolts
when the apocalypse comes
we'll all come undone
it's simply a zombie
Ever notice, nobody even attempts to have a weapon, nobody seems to comprehend "hit em in the head", and to make it all worse, everybody stares in fascination as the formerly live human becomes a zombie and chases their ***** all the way to **** :|
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