What you think you thought you saw
may, or may not be, just so
what you perceive maybe flawed
things you might not know

Reactions, knee jerk returns
that can't be recalled, or withdrawn
fire is the way things burn
the changes, undergone

Sit on it awhile, and think
your perspective may be confused
issues, actions not in sync
hypersensitive, abused

Pause on the reaction
wonder what's unknown
what appears to be infraction
may be, overblown

Ever think something?
and it's BADLY wrong?
Best to let things soak IMO, time reveals, all things, eventually :)

There was a young lady, Marie
who'd steal, no profit, no fee
take from the rich
with nary a twitch
spreading the wealth, sea to sea

Just think, if the rich gave, we all could be millionaires!
Yeah, right ;\

Computers are easy, people are hard
co-workers need brains, most of them tards
I do as I can, completing my work
god knows that I try, the managers, jerks

Fools on the road, should get out of the way
idiots, tools, the games that they play
they're slowing down, then speeding back up
spilling the coffee from out of my cup

Talking on phone with techy support
stuck in a queue, with nasty retorts
running a script designed for a twit
intellect lost, I'm throwing a fit

It's been said, stupid won't fix
taking our lumps, and taking our licks
populations now, far past the brink
surrounded by a-hos, and none of them think

When did the scales tip towards stupidity?
I must have missed that shift :/

Haven't ya heard the news?
us men are singing the blues
the ladies can get an AI
a sexbot now, they can buy

That vib they kept in nightstands?
is now a robot-ed man
no ego needed massage
residing in the garage

When she's in the mood
works better than food
satisfied, when she's done
lordy the glee, and the fun

The lady she won
joy under the sun
not having to choose
with no way and no how
too lose

It would appear there is a large demand for mechanical men, in the bedroom :/ (if he only had a heart, or apparently, something else!)


My best friend
the shirt off of their back

My best friend
everything I lack

My best-est friend
my shoulder and my crutch

My best friend
means too me, so much

My best friend
all that they can be

My best friend again
the better part of me

Just brought to mind, by a friend ;D

"Hand me down my walking shoes"
that's what Dire Straits would say
moving on moving along
finding another way

"Just somebody that I used too know"
Kimbra knew the  score
moving on and along
like it's been done before

"Go your own way"
Fleetwood Mac did just that
moving past alone at last
nobodies fool or mat

In every way easy to say
leave them all behind
always missed never dismissed
memories remind

They will always be with you, the mind, is the perfect recording device, even if you don't want it too be :)
My brother had a real hard time with this, I think he still does.

As punctuation goes
it pauses me, I know
simple words should flow
just like melting snow

Every one reminds
thought, that's left behind
the pieces ill defined
as remnants in my mind

I'll strive to keep it down
the comma's bouncing round
mentally run aground
and mechanically unsound

A crutch I've over used
and yes, totally abused
so you can be amused
as guilty, the accused

No slight meant too Johnny Noir, he's right, I use WAY TOO DAMN MANY commas!
But, they are my friends, reminding me that even thought is not a constant flow, but a stuttering, of firing synapses. :)

Comma comma comma comma comma
come and go
they come and go-ooooo
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