I've my peeves
and things I just don't like
like your puppies poop
on my shoe, morning, noon, or night

So when you've had all your days
and think you're heaven bound
remember all the crap you left
as justice comes, around

Moving toward that day, just ahead
I can only pray and hope
when you're in the hell hotel
you've only fresh doggie poop
for soap

(Slippery, and gooey, on a silken, golden rope)
It doesn't matter the size or breed of the dog, it's the owners that need to be punished, I think this poem is good solution ;D
Arrrh, here we be again
at "Talk like a Pirate day"
we'll spew our gaffs and have some laughs
slappin wenches bums, while we're at play

We'll have some grog
mockin the captain's log
reading lines of sea bound times
and cabin boys, he's flogged

When the eve be ov'r
and drunken we'll awake
it's out to sea, we'll all be
nursing our headache

Our love for wenches stowed
miseries bandon'd in the hold
mainsail's set, we'll not ferget
we be pirates, young and old
Yup, had to do it, it's like maritime law! ;D
Last years poem:
How many men fit inside
a commom four man tent?
I can't make this up, true dat my friends! :(
Wow, and then, he asked what a sleeping bag was!
I say we bill em, thousands
or maybe even more
dumb shits and dumb asses
abiding on the shores

Warned and even prodded
time to leave my friend
yes, it's a hurricane
and it may be
your end

Don't stay here and wonder
the winds and all the waves
the water it is rising
no idiocy, is brave

So when the rescue workers
hold out their proffered hand
be sure to write the check
to be, payed upon
How many warnings ignored, equal diminished intelligence?
Why did people die? Natural selection, stupidity serves as a reminder to us all, as a warning of what not to do!

Of course, the dead merely float there, a victim of their own stupidity!

Her name was Cné, Lizzy, Santita, Tangerine
she told me she was new in town, fresh upon, the scene
we danced the tango, mamba
we loved in the horizontal thunda
and I know she was in splendor, the moment that, she creamed
;D ya had to be there....
Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad were hot stuff in my day LOL!
Let's just laugh and be jolly
we'll drink until we can't
realizing our own folly
an alcoholic forward slant

The kids we'll have when older
we'll never know we shan't
alcohol made us bolder
and took off your mama's pants

Long after we got married
and had a couple more
our compulsions slow, unhurried
not really, keeping score

They may ask us in our old age
"Momma, Pappa , how did I get to be?"
well my little prince/princess
your dad/mom, gave alcohol
too me
Whooo hoo, not happened here, butt, I can imagine ;D
I'm not the religious kind
but, the other day, I went to church
not a spiritual destination
or any soulful meaning, search
just a Christian congregation
you could see it in their eyes
every heart in tune and integration
a bliss and rapture, enterprise
as no conflict, and no divisions
in sync and deep in revelry
celebrating being together
at least it looked this way
too me

If I could tap such power
and channel it, you'd see
happiness without frustration
would everybody be

And as the close had come
my thought now first, and last
if there really is a god
why hasn't he used
all this power

And made such
come too
Just affirmation for me that god is on vacation, and that all this power is being wasted on a being who can't use it right now (IMO). :)
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