Tell me true
god please tell me why
soldiers and civilians
chemically to die

Syrian the children
dying now and then
bombs let go not knowing
who where or when

We see the footage on TV
aghast and so surprised
nothing being done to salve
the poison tears
they cry
How in ferking hell have we slipped backwards into things that should have never been created? Just think what horrors these monsters will create with CRISPR (Rampage{the movie} may have been a joke, until something like it happens) :|
I'm fighting my demons as they rip at my soul
exorcising their presence with hot burning coals

Constant reminders of all that I am
no room for mercy, they don't give a damn

Lashes and whips, barbed wire and chain
repeating their litany defining insane

They'll not desist in my tortured sick mind
they wheedle and poke, every sin that they find

For eternity and more, eyes glazed in the pain
burned on hell's pillars, again, and again
Just a thought, if hell is really forever, wouldn't it get boring? :/

I'm sure my hell involves a non-moving highway full of drivers with cell phones stuck to their heads ;D
Yes, I want it all
not just the kiss and smile
every touch and silken slide
going each, and every mile

No replacement possible
the impossible task defined
for the memories so sweet
and in your eyes, so kind

So I'll stand at ready
patience a virtue and at will
no push and no shove
I'll be there, yes, I'll be there still

Never fear or think me crazy
I'm not that deep, or complex
although I may be lazy
there's nothing I
Just the way it is ;D
She's lightning through my body
she's the sun upon my brow
everywhere and everything
what why when, and how

She's been here before me
she'll be here when I'm gone
everything and everywhere
a change I've undergone

Ethereal and mystical
she'd say she's not that strong
I'm the living proof, it seems
proving that
she's wrong
We all never realize, until pressed, we ARE stronger than we think ;D
They look just like gophers, popping out of holes
my co-workers, and neighbors, burrowed in like moles

The offices align the walls, where management abounds
pontificating from the pulpit, polishing their crowns

No longer there I dwell, my escape a thing of myth
a place to not return again, somewhere I'll never miss

The easy employee logic, that management confounds
reads like a Dilbert moment, so quiet, and yet so damn profound
One more from the vault

It's managements job too think they know what they are doing, and the actual worker's job, to get er done. :D~
Pass me the Ale
Pass me the Scotch
Pass the ol Arak
Pass the whole damn bottle
It won't be coming back
Pass the glass
Pass the bowl
And pass the matches, please
Pass the X
Pass the J
Then pass out
That's it
Lights off
For me
One from the archives ;D
I will only ever die once
in this perceived reality
There's got to be more :|
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