Remember DOS 3.2?
or even 6.0?
I liked windows 3.1
I liked windows 3.11, ya know
used windows 95
also used 98
fell in love with XP
vista, wasn't great
waited for windows 7
to get straitened out
finally did, bout 2 years ago
gave up my XP, with doubt
they forced 10 upon me
buggy, intrusive, and badly done
ultimately got sic of it
Ubuntu's the one, that won

Stupid Windows :/

Didn't know I never lived
until the day, I died

Amazing what final things are finally thought.

I've got a chicken dog, no balls, and head hung low
He paces round the house, not knowing where to go

He's big and brave, and hero true, when the sun shines up above
but let the clouds drip, a drop or two, it's chicken, he thinks of

I love him, as an younger second son, the one we never had
but honest to God, he should backbone up, and me glad, not mad

May the sun ever shine, and no dispersions will I cast
but lord protect an owner, from a dog, that's chicken assed

Woof woof turns into cluck cluck, still love him to pieces. :)

Over the river and through the woods
to Grandma's house ya know
We'll rape the dog, and kill the cat
and then, we'll have to go

Prolly afore the cops get there :D

Yeah I know, sic, but funny too :D
((((((DISCLAIMER))))) no animals were harmed in the making of this poem.

It happened only today
my life departed me
it was a matter, self defense
just had to set it free

The doors were locked
the AC full blast
going off half and then full cocked
endless tirade, I must outlast

what a flippin, crock

Oh, how could this be so long
seemed to last for hours
words mounting, building walls
the day, my soul, devoured

My spirit will writhe in heaven, or hell
cursed and aghast, unto my last drawn breath
finding in the bitter end, I was utterly
blathered, strait to death

He j u s t  k e p t  t a l k i n g for God's sake!
Arrrrrgggghhhh, So, I died...... to escape! x|

No way no how, I'll ever understand
how a message of violence
gets people, their wish, and/or demands

Religion used as a shield to destroy
I know, it's been done before
as Martyrs, they employ

I'll hold a candle high, shedding light
for those who see no more
great people of Manchester
open hearts and
open doors

Will never understand, can never comprehend :(

She's smooth as cream and silk
on her skin and in her mind
her touch and movements epic
ever sensual, and perfectly refined

I can still feel her gaze
when I close my weary eyes
exciting every single nerve
she doesn't even, have to try

Sliding in her deepest pool
playing with her moans and sighs
breaking every warning and rule
nibbling, at her breast and thighs

Gentle nibbles, not too much
and fingers moving higher
Tongue and lips in playful touch
stirring our desire

Skin aglow in heated flush
hair wrapped in your fingers
sighs and breaths in gasping rush
a teasing kiss that lingers

Awakening a mutual ache
whispered needs in muted tones
Each in turn to give and take
as words give way to sated moans

As her sweet salty skin
Lay bared to breath
Her bumps of fleshly excitement
Erupting on the scene

Touches, quivering
Vulnerability behold
Let lose your key
Open your soul

A ripple on my skin
and wetness down below
our eyes searching deep within
as we become one in our soul

A touch of burning desire
so warm, melting down my walls
each kiss, closer to the edge
exhilarating, intoxicating, as I fall

A flame of rapt emotion
explosions of such power
a volcano already in motion
oh god, I scream out louder!

A 4 way ;D~
Cné, Liz, Moi and Traveler, in alphabetical order.

The order of the stanzas is NOT in Alphabetical order ya have to guess, who did what!
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