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The words ring hollow
time and time again
hard to grasp, or swallow
above beyond, no win

Lines been put together
like crumbs upon the wind
no leash and yes, no tether
like angel wings, been pinned

Blood like ink from feather
heart and soul described
dire is the coldest weather
felt deep and far, inside

Hear what you will and may
read into the lines and prose
rhyming while still at play
right up until, the close

So say the corporeal
and give the devil due
mayhap called temporal
ending in
a fugue
Just a touch of what it means
some truth some bitter time
like finding that in the end
gone spoiled has
fine whine
I died today, a little
tomorrow I'll die some more
understanding naught the fiddle
not rich but scared, and poor

Hand me down my walking stick
as I'll go out the door
all the pity sure and quick
just what my tears, are for

Guilt forever at my side
a comrade in fate and arms
to whom everything confide
setting off each and all, alarms

Bit by bit we'll call the role
counting the toll of friends
no way or how to fill the hole
and no way to make
Just a respite
before the grave
a rest before the night
trying my best above, beyond
attempting too
be brave
Burn it to the ground
alight with fire and energy
all the places we have found
all of what we failed, too be

Easy and mellowed traces
what we thought would lead us through
in and out of places
things we thought, were true

Onward and ever upward
we'll put it all behind
no matter hard or awkward
the signs
It's easy to go astray
wandering the wild
not sure if hunter, or prey
or simply nature broken and lost
It reverberates in your spirit
the song that touched that chord
the power that you feel each time
in every note, and word

You know the lines by heart
the flow you can 't deny
it sings like a choir of angels
no need too clarify

Raise up your voice in song
in or out of key
play the tune from memory
her name
is/was Melody
You know what I mean ;D
I bought the infinity gauntlet
defective I found it to be
missing a stone
no light it shone
least, not that I could see

Beware the buyer cheapest
never again too fall
buying relics
and artifacts
not worth it, after all

The reach for power falters
just a bright pause in the sun
illusion of the moment
waning was I brilliant
I thought I had, the only one
:D **** it, back to the store for an exchange LOL
What if
all of us pledge
to never ****
You can't count on me to be held to this promise BTW
Bah, wouldn't amount to a hill of beans anyway ;D~
I began this evening wordily armed
rhythm and rhyme controlled
but as I've passed one moment too the next
what once was hot
now cold

Lost the ground
no way profound
tumbling from my mind
not published and/or a sound
nothing remembered and/or

History written upon the page
winner's words deep, profound
passed too another age
the loser's underground
nothing left, but rage

The books remember only
words champion's have said
not all the lines or phrases lost
from thoughts and prose
given up
for dead
Ahh so much lost
never heard
due to the popular gist
forward deemed as sacred
enforced with iron
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