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Aug 2016
Let your craving make you my Eros,
And let it make me your indulging Aphrodite,
In the mountains of the paradise, let sensuality electrify.

Let me submerge into your spell,
And let your toxic fingers trail through my swells,
And in the dawn, let all my secrets tell.

Let me bathe in your sunshine
Let your temptation hang on my lips when I smile.
And in the morning, let the flush on my cheeks stay a while.

Let me braid my body into your touch,
Let your addiction curl me and get me undone
And in those thirsty afternoons, let the sheets cover our blush.

Let me long for your touch,
And let your aroma infatuate my pores
And in those lavish nights, let my frail body render to yours.

Let your gaze rip through my skin,
And in my fantasies you will be my Olympus king
Let me be a shameless prisoner of your lips.

Let your gentle taste ignite my hips
And make my blood shiver when we move to the pulse of your kiss
And in the moonlight, let me bathe in your sins.

Let your insatiable desire make you my Adam,
And let it make me your poisonous Eve,
Let’s stay in the Gardens of Eden, in an eternity intertwined.

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