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  Feb 10 AM
Sell crack said the president
Fall though cracks residents
Money over morals the precedent
In slums slaves rent the residence
AM Feb 10
It turns out you are exactly like my father.
I’m overwhelming , and you are overshadowed
Maybe I’m like my mother
AM Jan 31
You take the plates of those who have nothing to eat
You take the shoes of those who have no feet

You poison the fish of those who have no sea
And exploit the land of those who never had property

You solve insanity like it's a disease
And create a war to bring peace
You take the home of those who never had where to live.

You pick the nails of those who don't have fingers
so they cannot scratch your fears

and you take the eyelashes of those who have no eyes
so you can sleep at night.
#politics #world #immigration #racism #problems
  Jun 2021 AM
I broke too much
of myself
thinking someone
could fix me.

I should have not
turned myself
to pieces
in the first place.

Because no one
would ever keep
a broken mirror
in their pockets.
AM Jun 2021
Put on a suit and a pair of heels,
Maybe they won't see the imposter hiding underneath.
AM Apr 2021
You need one more day to get yourself together,
But one day turned into three
And three days turned into weeks.
And then you look back and you realize that you are further away than when you started.

You are scared that it will hurt so bad you won't be able to breathe,
And you are scared of turning out like your mother or your father,
So you can't stop the drinking, because for once it takes the guilt out of your mouth.
And you become so numb, that you can't feel anymore the way his wounds were absorbed by your skin until it suffocated you. 
So numb that you can't say your name.

But the truth is that you don't remember the last time you took a breath. 
And you already have turned out exactly like your mother and father,
And you don't know who you are anymore, because your name was one of those things that didnt matter.
So you don't really want stop the drinking, because for once it's 3am and you are not thinking, your eyes become so swollen from crying that they shut down and you finally can sleep.

But you say you need one more day to get yourself together,
And you promise yourself, again, that tomorrow will be better.
AM Oct 2020
We have sank on the seesaw of the crossed wind

Words that flew omnipresently
With as much pain as damage

Each in their trench, huddled and clenching their fists waiting for the wind to cease.
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