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Aug 2016
The crooked mirror which hangs on the black wall fills my eyes with tortured pictures of myself
I stare at it every hour and I see ME!!
I see the views of what is inside and out
The scars, the bruises, the mind and the heart

I have tried many times to look away,
but I am forced to face it head on with my empty blank stare, while my head is strapped against the boards .

But what am I really looking at? You tell me

The eyes, the nose, the mouth, and the ears
I am confused by the gray, pixelated portrait of this image that is staring back at me

There is no emotion or temperance
Only a stale, black and white image of me
Nothing more
For I have accepted this cruel view for which I have been dealt

So now I will close my eyes, close the chapter and sleep forever
Silence Screamz
Written by
Silence Screamz  In Silence ..
(In Silence ..)   
     DAVID, ryn, Ja, Keith Wilson, --- and 1 other
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