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Jun 2016
As dumb as it may seem, after all the bad times, she honestly thought it was meant to be
Despite all of the do not cross, slow down and proceed with caution signs she thought she was ready
Tear after tear, heartbreak after heartbreak, she still didn’t get the memo
You see because, he said I’m sorry and covered her bruises with that Band-Aid
All awhile his love for her slowly fade
Those butterflies in her tummy made her think she was in love
But that was just a sign of uncertainty from the one above
But she couldn’t let the boy of her dreams go because she couldn’t sleep at night
Even though deep down, she knew something wasn’t right
She went through 5 long years of pain, suffering, defeat and denial
While he enjoyed lust, the fast life and a couple girl trials
Attempts to speak to him and tell him about her problems was a lost cause
Because he didn’t care about her anymore because his love life now had no laws
Then she told him she loved him and waited for his response in return
10 long seconds of waiting made her stomach churn
Then she realized that their love wasn’t meant to be and she painfully asked herself
Why??? Why did this have to happen to me?
Then he looked up and whispered, you know I love you too
But they both knew that what he said wasn’t true
So she took a deep breath and she quietly said
Its official, the love I once had for you is now dead!
Written by
Jemma  BS
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