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Crissel Famorcan Apr 2021
Let's meet at McDonald's
and eat your favorite food,
I know you've been craving hard for them—
For it'll make you feel real good.

Let's take a walk at intramuros;
A place of your dream date,
Let's spend our time wandering
around it's historic walls and gate.

I would love to get lost in Netherlands,
If we'll be on those tulip fields—
At least, for a moment in our lives,
A part of heaven was revealed.

But the best place we could ever be,
And the best of those plans,
Is to travel and worship God,
on the different churches so grand;
You promised to take me there
if time would just permit,
And that promise will forever be
just a promise unfulfilled.

Your words still lingers in my ear—
I still hear your baritoned voice,
Whispering another promise to fulfill;
that in another life, we'll get our chance to rejoice.

10:27 PM

—Crissy Morsel
Crissel Famorcan Apr 2021
Write me as a poem—
in verses of lovely rhymes,
enveloped with fancy words,
and metaphors divine.

I would love to rip hearts apart
and tell the story of a sacred connection—
but after such great feelings of butterflies,
these two, lost communication.

Write me as a poem,
And I’ll write you as one too,
For in this world of chaos and hatred,
We’ve crossed our paths and found the calm—
the home where our love grew.

You’re the loveliest sunset I’ve watched—
My bittersweet goodbye,
Taking a piece of my mended heart,
To a place cannot be seen by my eye.

Write me as a poem—
I want to be a timeless art,
And I'll write you as a song
Forever stuck in my recovering heart.

7:36 PM

— Crissy Morsel
Crissel Famorcan Mar 2021
With trembling knees and soft-pleading voice,
She spoke to every child she dearly loves,
But no one did listen nor tried to hear
Those agonies she unfortunately had.
And for decades that passed,
She never did really feel so well;
And through the years that follow,
She lived her existence on the fire of hell.
But no one cared, to her dismay—
they even abused her kindness,
that’s why when her temper’s got so full,
she let them suffer in the darkness.

But we’re all naïve and dumb enough,
Don’t even care about her situation,
Wanna know who she is?
Our very own mother nature—
We need to stop what we’re doing,
And try to listen to her voice,
Every modernized thing we have now,
Contributes to her suffering and slow obliteration!

We need to hear her soft-toned voice,
Pleading for some help,
Maybe in the near future,
She’ll taste once again,
the taste of heaven’s state.
Crissel Famorcan Dec 2019
When love arrived at my home,
I saw you in front of my door.
Your eyes that speaks with beauty and grace;
Those humors and laugh and smiles on your face—
When love arrived,
I've seen galaxies of personalities,
And learned the ways of crossing those boundaries,
But when love arrived at your home,
You saw her at your doorstep instead,
And spoke to her eyes with beauty and grace,
And made her laugh
through those humors
to see smiles on her face;
You've seen the galaxies of her personality,
You made a way to cross that boundary;
And when love stayed on your vicinity,
You knew that you've found her.
You didn't even saw me at her back,
Standing at another door,
In front of yours.
Love mistakenly knocked at mine—
And we opened at the same time;
And as you steal my never ending stares—
Someone else have stolen yours.
Crissel Famorcan Dec 2019
"And the memories bring back,
Memories bring back you..."
Somebody I used to know—
Someone I always remember,
Though now, we're just a mere stranger
with memories to cherish and to hold,
Left with broken hearts,
Alone in the cold—
We are stranger with memories,
Taking up two different roads,
Travelling a distance away—
Lightening our burdens and loads;
But I do wish, that may our paths cross again,
When I'm already healed and done with this pain.
Crissel Famorcan Dec 2019
Love will always be the best thing
left in hearts of many,
For people will never forget to love
Though been broken lots of times already;
Love will always be the best thing left
in the vicinity of someone's soul;
A masterpiece to keep—
To keep your broken self whole.
Crissel Famorcan Dec 2019
doesn't always mean
it's mutual —
For sometimes,
is someone's happiness
over someone's pain—
Choosing to let go,
to move on,
with those scars
and memories
we gained.
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