Someone talk
If you are there
Please just talk.
I am lonely

I managed to call asleep

I  want to eat poached eggs
Now crazy  as it seems
I want to eat breakfast now
Actually I rather go to sleep
Oh bother on goes the housecoat
A cup of tea will be just fine ..

I settled for toast and peanut butter tea lol folks

I hate when I awaken
and the night feels
and you feel all alone.
The quiet is to much
Then summer is almost over
Autumn is almost in the air.
Your thoughts ponder
While your brain is caught up in some strange fog
You cry desperately for the days
Not to pass.
Everything has passed.
You lay there in some cold sweat
Are you going out of your mind.
You can't focus on sleep
You yawn and yawn
Sleep won't come ..

Don't  look beyond the stairway.
The exit is unreachable
I am long gone
I have moved on
You tore my heart to pieces
Stole my identity
And now you are trying to
Walk  back into my life.
Picking up the pieces
That you left shattered.
Don't  look beyond the stairway
My heart is closed
The  feelings I have for you are gone.
Look at the exit
It's fully choked with thorns.
There is no-way back in
Because you are a distance ghost from the past.

Must we do the same
Thing day in and day out.
Make the most of every opportunity.
Time is precious.
What we don't  value is our own soul.
Our decision now determines
Our destiny in eternity.

Do you have a relationship with God.
Have you been pardoned by God
Then think again.
Today's the day for accepting Jesus into your life
We don't know when the time has come ..
For us to leave this world. Be must be written in the lambs book of life.
Going to church won't save you
The devil believes in God
In fact he fears him.
Why not invite Jesus into your life right now.
He loves you and wants the best for you.

Poor Mr Ketchup felt a bit under the weather today, his head hurt so badly and oh dear he really felt so ill.  Suddenly he began sneezing so loudly a tissue he sneezed again. Haggis said “I'd better get you back to bed, before you sneeze any more of these nasty germs all over the place.
Mr Ketchup wasn't too pleased at Haggis’s comment in fact he thought to himself he just wants to get rid of me. “Ah well if that's the way he wants it.”

Mr Ketchup slid quietly back into bed and pulled over his moth eaten sheets.
"Are you still in the huff with me shouted Haggis,"
"I suppose not”, replied Mr Ketchup...
"Would you like me to make you a hot water bottle then?"
"Okay he moaned" ah tissue he sneezed again.
Quickly he trotted down the stairs to make him a hot water bottle.
Just then Neaps arrived with Mr Ketchup's bottle of lemonade and his favourite comic called the Beano. That put a big smile on his face, suddenly he felt a little bit better. Well he certainly looked brighter
" Glad to see you perking up a bit” said Neaps
Perhaps in a little while we should head off
"I better get my skates on” interrupted Neaps.
“I really need to get going, to catch my bus to Yellow Market.
It’s a long way and the shops will be closing soon.”
“Bye for now” sighed Mr Ketchup .....
“is there anything else”
" No” answered Mr Ketchup “nothing"
"Well I will visit you in the morning about 10 o clock
please leave the spare key underneath the brown mat okay"
“Okay” he muttered.....
Mr Ketchup's cheery mood began to wear off very quickly
I think that Mr Ketchup rather liked his friends running after
him fetching and carrying everything for him just because he
had caught a nasty cold, he just pulled a fast trick on his friend's
as he pulled out his sneezing powder from under his bed
Mr Ketchup had the last laugh
What do you think about that reader?

Hello my friends
I may not get around too
Liking your poem.
But I wish you all
a very blessed day.

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