The God of this  world is darkness.
He is trying  to influence  and control
Young people with  music that  has a demonic  beat about it.
He seeks to  draw many into
a life of drugs  drink  sex
These young people crave excitement.
almost like being  controlled  by a evil force of mass destruction. .God's  Judgement  is coming very soon

Are you weary
Extremely Exhausted from daily troubles.
Are you emotionally burnt out
Physiologically physically run down.
And perhaps
You are spirituality dead
The answer is you have been doing far to much until your bucket has run out.
All work no rest or play
The body begins to shut down.
We are then just existing not living.
Your first bucket to fill
Is the presence of the Lord.
Seek first his bucket
and everything will
Fall nearly into place.
If this bucket is neglected then.
All your other buckets will empty
And you will not function without his
First filling up the most important bucket.
God's bucket .

I can't get into it
Healthy eating
Comfort eating
Naughty hot choclates
I feel miserable
I need a helping hand
I feel absolutely failure.

Think of  you
Instead of trying to fix
Or life just becomes  to much of a burden

Na Ma brown will you no git ta ya bed.
Awk away with ya heidbanger
Am making myself a brew.
Am dying oh thirst
Wit does it take to get a brew made for ya round here.
Awk away with the lot of ya.

I canna sleep
Weres me bleeding slippers
Awe MA Brown
Wilt you no take it easy.
Watch out ya dinna miss the steps
Awk a dinna want to cart you off
To the medical ward.
Me foot is stuck
I canna put no weight on it.
Awe HUD ya weese woman.
Am no finished yet.        
Right then let's get yah settled
and  back into yah bed

I don't know how to begin.
My road of disappointments
Endless heartache
I tried to write a few words
Of empathy
But I lacked energy
The clouds of doubt stumbled
on my past
I remembered thorns of darkness
And often wonderd how I survived
If it wasn't for my inspiration good or bad.
I could't of shared my most
Inward thoughts.

Today  prosperity  gospel
Is no gospel at all.
It's  a quick hyped  self-seeking herasee
A false religion
Teaches a self help gospel
Without the holy fear of God ..
Or salvation.

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