Be the best that you can be
Don't let anyone say you aren't good enough.
All you can do is try
You might surprise yourself.
and achieve it.
I  started to make cards from my photography raise some funds for our self-relient ladies craft group.
We cannot change from the outside.
But Jesus changes us from inside out
Doesn't matter if hospitals
Get it wrong
What if you were the error of a terrible mistake.
To get suddenly told after two years experiencing  unbearable pain.
Oh Mrs Alexander haven't you not been prescribed this medication.
'No why,
You have Arthritis of the bones
Only had it for two years.
It doesn't matter your just another bit of red tape.
Who cares.
When I went back about more pain in the leg why did the GP send me to another apartment. When I had a dainogis the first time unbelievable
The problem is not world
But the people who  live in it.
Give me strength for today.
and hope for tomorrow
Then I know
I can carry on no matter what.
You ever feel  like you are running
low on energy.
Mo drive
To busy
Life passes you by.
Nof enough hours in the day.
Itching to get away.
Take to your heels and bolt.
If you dont you'd wish you had.
Woke up this morning
How am I going to face this day.
With this pain in my legs
No cure
No pity
Told at the hospital can't do an operation
Just  have to put up with the misery of sore legs.
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