In the early  hours
I rub gruelsome sleep from my eyes
The large circles of  deprived  a good night sleep.
I  tossed & turned battled with the lack of  Sleep.
The loneliness the darkened  Night
Dawn breaks  
Still no sleep
Exhausted I stumble out of bed
Suffering from the lack of sleep

Feel  a chill  
It's lingering
Among still hearts
The time has now come
To gather  the sheep  
from amongest the wolves
The day is coming when
When Christ will arise
With raging fire
Making war in the heavens .
The time has now come  when
Jesus himself will arise with healing in his wings.

Who's life belongs to oneself
Who gave life.
Who takes it away.
The giver of life comes from God.
With whom shall you compare me.
Says the Lord my God.
My ways are not your ways.
And my thoughts are not yours.
My plan for you is different from
The plan that you dream for yourself.
Listen to me.
Hear my voice
Seek me with all your heart
For the time is near.
Draw life from my well.
And I will heal all your diseases.

Sometimes you don't know why you are sad.
until something or someone you Cherish and miss.
Dearly with all your heart.
Nothing or nobody can fix that pain
Hurt you feel inside.
My heart is crushed my spirit is broken.
Lord you know  my heart .

Broken my heart is so broken
Am reeling inside
Drowning on the outer side.
Even the rain weeps for me
The sun hides behind the grey clouds of doubt .
When will I ever feel  happy again

my poets notebook,
I open at time when wounds go deep.
Words bleed on page covering sun wanting to come forth.
They expand as versus cannot be covered by a simple bandied in mind.
The puss like descriptive words like abandonment, lies and dis-enheridence burn, as they are released
from heart to pen and pen to paper.
Hurt from family seemed to have festered for a lifetime. as screams begging for clousure are shouted to be scribed.  
Slowly the mind quiets as its words are release and poem concludes.
Perhaps they will shout
in a readers eyes begging to be loved.
Only time will tell.

Not every pome I write can be positive. Just going through some family issues. All meant to be as I grow and expand. It sucks.

I don't even care what it says
just as long as it's out of my head


Hey dad don't  you remember me.
Are you in there
Don't you care?
Draw me into your circle
Darkness comes into your web.
You smile no more.
You are drawen away over a mountain top.
You forget to open your curtains
You are a freckle of the person that I used to know.
You lie they like a helpless child.
You  don't live you just exsist.
For i
Iam truely broken
For the Dad I once knew has
Truely gone forever.

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