Biggest  regret is not  getting out fast enough.

Lord it's when we reach rock bottom
That we fear we need you the most.
But why don't we care about you
When every thing is going plain sailing.
It feels like we are selfish
and only cling to you when it suits yourself
Forgive us Lord .
For our selfish ways
Teach us to follow you daily.
and find a moment with you.

I am  so grateful
For food
Freedom of choice
I am so blessed

Hands are made by God, beautifully  crafted
a form of gentle touch.
Human touch is vital for all.
Without it we will sit wither  die.
Human thinking  is quite weird
some sit on a throne of judgement.
clouded  distorted full of self pride, funny how the same
hands can harm to the point of death.
Humans struggle with self-worth
rage and anger
trouble is they want others to suffer.
the human race has gone of course
with God's plan.
God,s plan has been thwarted by the evil in this world
but God has the upper hand.
these hands he made capture the essence of the heart.
God made hands
for comfort
and give hope
without these hands God made we
are incomplete

It's one thing  to  read God's  word.
But to actuality  eat it that's  a whole new revelation.

Label me bipolar
Who am i
Label me borderline personality disorder
Who am i

I feel i have lost identity in theses labels
I've  lost my happiness
because i believed in them for so long
I've  lost me

Who am i
Who am i

I stare outside my bedroom window a tear runs down my cheek
I look over to someone in the the street dancing listening to music
I think to myself that used to be me.

identity tears

There is a dream
But the dream can't
Pursue itself
Only you can

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