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Beautiful words fill my mind
My tongue is like the pen of a skilled writer

You are more handsome than anyone.
and you are an excellent speaker.
so God has blessed you for ever.
The door to Jesus is not far away
Around the corner if need be.
Often we live trapped  
Beyond our thinking
Afraid of making an effortless decision.
Mr Ketchup Ruins the Christmas dinner
Christmas Eve and Mr Ketchup was feeling rather pleased with himself everything seemed so relaxed and calm. He sat on the sofa munching a bag of toffees these were his favorite while watching the magic bean show nothing else mattered. Anything else would just have to wait. Until the next day. Mr. Ketchup began to yawn in fact he yawned that much, he fell into a deep sleep. And Oh dear he forgot to hang up the stockings for Father Christmas. The clock struck half past one. And Oh Boy he'd better get cracking and sort out the Christmas stockings. Mr. Ketchup Hurried up the stairs and opened the cupboard. Oh that's torn it now where on earth did i put the Christmas stockings. His cupboard seemed to be In a right old mess. Everything was upside down and back to front In fact his cupboard looked like a jumble sale. It would at least take hours to sort all that lot out. Whatever shall i do now he thought? It was a good job that Sweet Potato Face Mr. Ketchup's Darling wife had been out shopping the day before and had bought to red stockings with their name printed on it. Mr. Ketchup sighed with relief Oh boy Thank goodness for that you saved me from a empty stocking. Let’s hurry and put out Father Christmas milk and chocolate cookie crumble.

Soon Mr. Ketchup snores could be heard from the upstairs bedroom. Little did he know that Father Christmas had gobbled up the cookie filled the too stockings on the fireplace left in a hurry with the magic reindeer's. Off they went over the hills and far far away.  Early next Morning Mr. ketchup darted down the stairs to find His stocking and all the contents lying on the floor. He stood there looking bewildered. Oh bother, who has been meddling with my stocking presents he inquired. He looked around the room and right in the corner of the room there he was tabby the cat.

“Don't, look at me like that. I know what you have been up too."

Meow Meow Yelled the cat not even the slightest bit interested. Tabby longed for his fish meal. But by the sound of things Mr Ketchup wasn't giving him any until Tabby confessed. I think Mr. Ketchup had either been dreaming or lost his marbles a talking cat.   Later that day Mr. ketchup Put the turkey into the oven and put the oven full blast forgetting to turn down the temperature Mr ketchup's family were coming for their Christmas dinner and Ruby the Rude Raspberry liked everything just perfect the potatoes had to be crispier than any other roast potatoes and she liked her turkey cooked tender so it would just melt in her mouth. Mr. Ketchup hadn't cooked a turkey before he forgot to check the vital role for making a Christmas turkey the instructions on what temperature the turkey should be cooked.

While a little while later his guests arrived at the front door.

“Well aren't you going to take our coats  Mr Ketchup"

“Okay okay,  keep your hair on "Ruby  

"What is that burning smell. asked Haggis ?  

“Oh no, Cried Mr. ketchup I  have burnt the turkey what ever shall I do now he wailed".

Haggis And neaps and Sweet potato face tried to rescue some of the burnt turkey but it was no good even trying it looked like a bit of leather charcoal and wasn't fit for a dog to eat never mind ruby the rude raspberry. I hate to see the look on her face won’t you.    



Ruby the Rude raspberry sat down to her Christmas dinner. Gasped in horror.                                                                                  

"What do you call this,  Mr. Ketchup?”

"Well it sort of got a little over cooked” he replied.

“A little over cooked,"

“I think it's high time you got your glasses fixed” she said crossly.

How rude he thought to himself stomping away in a bad mood.

He was fed up with all of her moans and groans.

Time to disappear he thought to himself.

Meanwhile Ruby the Rude Raspberry Left her cremated dinner lying on the table. Disgusted at the thought of eating a burnt out rubbery Christmas dinner she left quickly.

“Haggis, Neaps” he sighed deeply.
What could they do to make the day look a bit brighter?”

His friends felt sorry for poor old Mr. Ketchup. He looked so frustrated. After all he gave it his best shot, but his best wasn't good enough.

What shall I do? What will become of me now He wailed?

"Now now," (Mr. Ketchup) Please don't cry. I am sure we can work this out."

Haggis had a brilliant idea, why don't we all just pile into my rusty old van.  

Yes, "why not Mr. Ketchup beamed with delight".

Suddenly everything looked more hopeful.

One by one they all piled into the rusty old van But Oh Dear the van made the most awful noise. Boom boom rattle rattle........BANG

off came the back wheel and it rolled all the way down the hill.

And the other wheel had a Hugh puncture ugh thick ******* smoke poured out from the exhaust.

Poor Old Mr. Ketchup Looked like........

"Oh, my goodness you look like your black leather Christmas turkey Mr Ketchup friends laughed" .  

"It's not funny He frowned."

But he could see the funny side of it at last and burst out laughing.
I can't afford to not ask you a question?
It's not enough to just believe in God.
You have too (invite) Jesus
into your life.
He will make his home into your heart.
The biggest mistake that people make.
is by rejecting his offer of forgiveness.
Is you choose Jesus you choose Life.
Don't write to me
with black bops of lipstick
cut of the pretence
Those eyes  draw me to visible uncureable pain.
Don't stop now
Time is little.
share what you must.
and perhaps a note of personal detail.
You name it.
You rearrange it.
Am done
See you.
Animals should be treated with respect.  Not caged up in some cage and treated like a circus ready for viewing. When I look at these kittens born to be wild I think of freedom. Taken away from society. Animals and humans should be free to engage in normal activities. For example people with dementia should be involved in groups with various activities. Such as art singing etc. to stimulate the brain and connect with others in conversation. Often people live alone and don’t see a soul they are unmotivated tired bored.  
I took a bus ride down to my daughter in the other side of the town. The bus journey was long hot I felt uncomfortable I was relieved that the bus journey had finished.
Sarah was sitting perched on a bench. Looking pale sad withdrawn. Her hair was roughly wrapped up in a bandana. She wore a red long tea shirt covering her thighs.   She looked like something out of a Peter pan movie. I came to make a difference hopefully to inspire her long drawn out mood.    
Sarah smiled said hello.  And suggested to go for a chill out time at costa. we walked over and entered the  colourful surroundings  . Sarah walked up to the counter and ordered one latté and one *** of tea with some toast, butter, Raspberry jam.   Sarah slumped down onto the comfortable red seat.
“Sarah asked me, How are you.?”
“I replied, okay.”
Sarah looked deep in thought. I wondered if I might get anything interesting from her.
She ratted on about Harvey and his diabetes how he had been lying about his blood readings. CAUSING HER A LOT OF WORRY AND DISTRESS.
The storm doesn't
weather me
I weather the storm
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