Art of
One smile goes a long way.
How about your dotting
Grandson eating salad leaves without dressing .
And carries on eating them.

Inspired by him I stuck all day to healthy  eating.
Just someone looking out for you.
Fighting your corner because at the end of the day.
You matter your are important.
Is that the time
Think I rest my weary head.
Words used in the wrong way,
can hurt the very core of your being.
When we are hurting
we react without thinking.
It's not until afterwards
some who are remorseful
Regret it.
The depth of  one's  soul arises  with the early birds song
Sweetness of  contentment
Within me stirs up a longing of
Things to come
Satisfaction of knowing God.
Talking with him
Being in his presence.
Being  surrounded by his protection.
Brings security
A hope
That never fails.
It is well it is well with my soul
Moonlight sun shone
A whisper through
Stained glass window
Many tears filled a broken night
The endless suspicious eyes
Destroyed lives
My heart is broken
Beyond inner healing
Why is my sleep deprived
Tossed to & fro
What causes the mind to fret
Body clock
I give up
My eyes are red
My energy sapped
My mood crap
Sleepless night
I struggle by.
Loneliness looms ..
Who's  heart a company's  yours
Were in your soul does it hurt
Does your soul search your spirit
Do they feed on brokeness .
Are they trapped in your wounds
Are theses sores fested from
Who picks up the pieces of shadows
That dance among wolves
Who are theses lame men.
Why do they pretend to care
They put on a pausable act.
They dont fool me.
Because  they have left  many lives in ruin
They have robbed mothers of their first born.
They are the devils  in disguise.
I feel as though I have to swim  but I  it's hard to keep myself afloat
The waves are sucking me under ..
I feel  as though
It hard to  stay alive
Caught between
Definitely needs a shake .
On a patch of sinking sand .
As i struggle with daily life.
I feel  all  alone
Stuck in a big black clouds of  darkness.
My life has hit rock bottom
I wonder how it came to be .
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