Weather forecast
For next 7 days
Extremely Wet and windy

Remember to to put glue under your shoe.
Or you're sure to be blown away.
Remember rain proof trousers and the those smelly wellies and of course don't forget the torn raincoat.
And better still. Ignore the above
and snuggle on the sofa with a hot water bottle a mug of cocoa chocolate biscuits and of course the TV remote control.
I write to many stories
Share to much
I write when the going gets tough.
I write endlessly
Whenever I  feel the need
I'm not shocked
Because I am genuinely honest
Thier times when I just put the pen to rest.
Let the the ink run dry.
Or I might write a load of codswallop.
Well you asked
So I replied.
I will take a much needed vacation.
In the sea a dragon sang a song of many tunes
One in particular stood out
my mother would shout
Hurry up come down now or your dinner will be burnt to a cinders.

The dragon blew fire from his nostrils
Were on earth is my dinner
He looked far and wide
To discover his plight was near
He fell exhausted from hunger
Nothing on earth could satisfy his soul.
And now his end was near
he ceased to breath at all.
Better to keep quiet than be hasty  then regret it later.
Flamingos at the Zoo
5 - flamingo standing
7 – regal colourful elegance
5 - eating on one leg

5 – covering blanket
7 – the sound of crunching leaves
5 – the golden sunset
People rushing to work
Just another ordinary day
Or so it seemed.
The worst imaginable thing happened.
Bang smash  right into the twin towers
Panic rushing around like crazy
Franctic people pushing and shoveling
Screaming  shouting.
People jumping to escape the flames
The smell of death
Feeling of hopelessness.
Firemen  caught trapped in the blaze.
Suddenly the whole block collapses
Gone in a moment.all theses lives.
Never forget the souls of September the 11th
The trouble is if you live in a bubble.
You are not facing facts
That one day you will get a fright when it busts
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