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I hope you're
You see I have
Been struggling
To  write
Express  art
Get excited about photography.
Am not myself
I sit in a we corner
Losing  the things I love
Time won't heal it
just passes
I leave all my
Voices in a jar Screaming  to let me  out .
You see my own
I don't care
I  just  
Dream on .
I live on the edge
Of not knowing
of the journey
I have trodden
The future of suffering
Tore apart lives
Blood stained tears
Broken homes
Lifeless bodies
Thrown in heaps
Heaps of rubbles
Lie in ruins
Death Oh where is thy victory
He knows
He sees
He weeps
He hurts
Man has defined his destiny
But I have turned the tide
Into victory
I bore the darkness created by man
His desire was to rule
But iam he
That bore your sins
I turned death into life
By offering a my sacrifice
I bled and died I rose again.
So that you could be free.
This Easter reflect
on new life in me
Accept my love
and free gift
I offer freedom of sins
A new life within .
Their is nowhere to run
No were to hide
Soon or later
Our life's wil be shattered
Life will be grime
Lack of  basics

World it's gone mad
People in power
Cause  unfold misery
To endless mankind
You can never
Take back what
You have rebuilt.
66 years on this planet
66 what have u accomplished
Hopefully winning souls for Jesus .
Last two years have been the worst years of my life .
Lost my Dad last June .
An old best friend
My brother relapsed back in his mental health issues.
You see
I have a few health problems
But iam still here .
I hope my poems are a encouraging.
Tired of trying
to post my words
There not accepted
They don't capture hearts
Nor inspire
My words are falling off brick ears
They stumble in the dark
They are buried deep
No-one can find them
They lay within a broken heart
Who's running our country.
Who's setting restrictions
Who put us in lockdown
Who destroyed the economy
Who stole loved ones last moments
Who forced people to play by the book
Who shattered Peoples lives
You took
You stole
You are a thief .
Will we
ever recover
A divided nation.
The saying goes
Never trust in man
But only put your trust in God alone
Because he will never fail you .
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