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May 2016
Sometimes all that is needed is a caress to fill the void of an endless empty feeling.
One that words on the other hand cannot mend.
The reassurance of head to chest, to feel the essence of an woman
living and breathing in his hands.
Though she is not the cause of the many things that run throughout his mind.
It is this silent bond that assures that everything is alright.
The steady calm of her heart pulsating against his ear to calm his own heart.
Just a moment to breathe in the same air as she does, the pause of a fast moving
heart finally laying it's head down to rest.
Bent bodies at ease, deep down I think she knows; the dreams the heart refuses to let go. Finding light in the shadows of melancholy
The cross guard that waves her hand at pleasant dreams.
This everlasting desire to be loved more grows with every look of her eyes.
He wouldn't ask her for anything that he himself is not willing to give in return.
Any and everything to meet this desire that beats with every breath that excavates deeper into his lungs.
The nature of man to woman, to love one another in perfect imperfection.
Misunderstandings of each others action soothed by the touch of each other's caress.
The sharing of arms clung to each others tight.
Deep down I think she knows, the nightmares that end soon as her voice echoes through her lips.
The reflection of one another's eyes looking back at them.
Eased forward in the recliner of her grasp.
Just one of the amazing gifts she shares, the comfort of herself.
A guarantee of safe passage to feet that often stumble.
He only hopes she understands; holding on to her for dear life
Afraid that she would slip from his grasp
Knowing to her that all of his imperfections are perfect in her eyes
Falling asleep to the calmness that lulls inside of her chest
Kewayne Wadley
Written by
Kewayne Wadley  30/M/memphis tn
(30/M/memphis tn)   
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