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May 2016
The heat is rising, the summer is coming
Right now it seems nice because nature is humming
But I know what's lurking around the corner, I know its game
It goes from 90 to 111, Valley Of The Sun is its name
They say it's a dry heat, making it seem better
But it's not, I crave something cooler and wetter
I see your lightning and hear your tune
The temperature drops and the winds get strong
It's a little bit dangerous, but I hope it lasts long
Wash away the heat and hide the sun that's beating
I'm so sick from this intensity, I keep overheating
The oven is hot and bakes you alive
Why are there 6 million people here and how do we thrive!
Phoenix summers are literal hell. It's May and it's 90 degrees with a breeze and it feels great. But right around the corner, in early June, it'll predictably be 108. Every time we just start having fun and enjoying the weather, it ends and cooks us alive. BUT there is some reprieve. The monsoon drops the temperature 10 degrees or more and brings rain, high winds, thunder, and lightening. It's always a spectacular show, sometimes it damages things or floods, but it's usually not too bad.
Written by
Hayley  26/F/Arizona
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