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Feb 2016
ItΒ Β started as a bout of depression
As I woke up in my bed that only contained one pillow
A Valentine's Day that I have seemed to have forgotten
As I started to ******* to pictures of my exes
Picturing them in their vulnerable nakedness
In a previous life in a previous time

Dreary Day is what it seemed to me, D-Day
What I would have given to have a German shoot at me
And give me a jolted reminder of why I stay alive
Just go through the days and go through the motions
Make breakfast, eat, Netflix, make lunch, eat, Netflix, make dinner, eat-

"Come to my anti-Valentines Day party... It'll be fun!"
I thought that it'd be easier not to go
Just stay home and stay in the cycle
Then again, all of my exes had boyfriends and they are happy
How dare they get to be happy while I am not!
I'll show them, I'll throw a big ******* on the day they so cherish!

I go to the party and get drunk quite quickly on the wine and beer
Then you came in, an angelic being among the party stoners
You come up to me quickly, since I am the most attractive person here
And grab my hand to shake and you tell me your name
That voice sounded oddly familiar in a sense, it was arousing
And that hair, and that body, and your initial passions that you express

Yes! You were perfect!Β Β We were both a bit drunk
Got ***** as hell quite quickly and took off to a private suite
On one of the stoners beds and made love so sweetly
So tenderly that it was literally quite difficult for me to finish
Or that could have been the alcohol
Regardless though those were the events of that day

It is interesting to see how things change over time
How we are no longer just a fling, just an illusion in our heads
But our own people as we are now one
And as I look at you and get ready to continue my life
And you get ready to continue yours, there is no doubt about one thing
That everything from that day forth was better than the day I met you.
Written by
Harrison W  26/M
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