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Nov 2015
"Right before Sai Baba comes out there is a rush of anticipation and excitement that sweeps through the air. Birds flutter, monkeys scamper, as if all of nature is pining for a glimpse of the Lord. Swami floated in doing His Divine dance. His feet graced the majestic red carpet garlanded with fragrant petals. I watched mesmerized as He moved closer, all the time praying, “Swami please bless this, I don't want to have to do this again!”

Sai Baba stopped next to two women on my left and granted them padanamaskar. Then, He turned to me. I lifted the bag hoping for a simple Blessing. To my astonishment and wonder of wonders, Sai Baba proceeded to open the bag and placed His Divine hands inside the bag looking for the opening in the blanket. Sticking my hand inside the bag too, I attempted to help Him open it. It was a comical scene and the devotees witnessing this unusual interaction laughed merrily. After a few moments, He suddenly stopped, stared piercingly into my eyes and said, “That's all right, you keep, you keep.”
He blessed the objects again touching each item on the tray while simultaneously visibly inhaling deep breaths and charging them with pure Shakti (power). What Bliss!

There were two other women sitting to my right. Swami approached them and inquired, “Where are you from?” “Australia,” they replied. They asked Swami for an interview. Baba asked when they were leaving. They said, “Tonight, Swami.” Then Swami did something that baffles me to this day. He answered them but directed the answer to me. He bent down very close to my face. I could see the fiery red veins of His Shiva eyes flashing like lightning flames so much power emanated from them. I knew that I was gazing into infinity, time crystallized and ceased to exist in those few moments.

Looking point blank at me, Sai Baba said, “Yes, I will see you before you go!” Then He stepped back and started to wave His hand in that familiar circular manner. I could distinctly feel a strange wind blowing around us. From the ether, silvery white ash known as vibhuti poured forth! This ethereal ash has curative restoring powers. Sai Baba is frequently seen materializing vibhuti; it is a natural expression of His Divinity. Swami gave the two women some vibhuti, He gave me some of this sacred ash and the two other women to my left. After this awesome Darshan, I was in an altered state for the rest of the trip."
~Sai Rapture, P. 54, 55, By Sonya Ki Tomlinson

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Sonya Ki Tomlinson
Written by
Sonya Ki Tomlinson  Palm Bay, Florida
(Palm Bay, Florida)   
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