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Oct 2015
I loved you more than a musician loves music,
I trusted you with more of my heart then a doctor,
I showed you more of my soul then my own family,
I let you touch the mountains and curves of my body,
I gave you my thoughts and we explored the caves together,
I never shattered the love we had built,
I was always there to dry your tears and wipe them from your cheek,
I forever held my hand in yours with true intentions of love,
I had always dreamed of giving you the life you wanted,
I always was right there to catch you from another hit by this thing called life,
Now for you,
You were there when I need a bandaid,
You were there when I was scared of being alone,
You were there to support me in my dreams,
You let me explore the beautiful mind you were given,
You let me take the chains off my tongue and speak freely,
You let me express my heart and soul,
Our hands were tangled together with love and pure soul,
I’m sorry for the pain we have both endured,
It clearly doesn’t tear you apart,
I am happy for the life you have made,
I am happy for the life I have recovered in,
I will always love apart of you,
But I am happier without you,
No more crying no more pain,
You’re now a locked door in the back of my mind,
You have the key,
Don’t be selfish with it.
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