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Jul 2015
I know you people dont have the heart for it
Drawing pictures treat it like my art board
They killin people in the streets ain't your heart sore
It should make the fluids from your eyes pour
Knowing that Justice is no longer served, anymore
Like a bad serve we need to go back to the fundamentals
Protecting lives used to be simple
We need to demonstrate change with action
These lyrics are the voice like a closed caption
Speaking of the journey for every closed casket
They say dream big then make it happen
The losers never succeed cause they never practice
I'm scholar, baller, making money so when I sit I can be a little bit more taller
As I pop my collar and call the shots like ya farther
But then again, I'm just dreaming
Lost Soul
Written by
Lost Soul
     Geanna, Lior Gavra, Jacob Cuadro, ---, Peanut and 4 others
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