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Jacob Cuadro Apr 30
We been together five long years with a beautiful, gorgeous daughter,
She brings the child in both of us she our little joker,
There are never any regrets in the choices I made to be with you through all the arguments through all the obstacles and struggles from good time to bad,
To every emotion from joy and happiness even from anger and sad.

This is the hardest decision in my life that I ever had to make,
Splitting up isn’t going to be easy for the both of us to leave you and our daughter when the time come to be set apart,
I know the pain it going to cause me the hurt in my chest even though there going to be times my heart going to break,
But I just want to let you know that no matter what happens that I will always have a deep place of you in my heart.

You are so strong your capable of so many things you’ve broke obstacles and never realizes you have won them you have a big mind and so may dreams,
Through the mountain you must climb don’t give up no matter how hard it might seem,
You can do all things just keep your mind focus keep pushing through and the most important is that you got to believe,
I don’t want this to be the end of us even though we may be apart I still want to see your goal and see you live your dreams I still want to be there to see you achieve.

Just wanted to let you know for me leaving has to do with spiritual reasons you did nothing wrong and have no fault in this,
When this time comes for me being away, I have faith that our relationship can get stronger but if we don’t ever get back together, I understand and I hope that we can grow another relationship and become best friends and I hope when you are ready that you find love again and find the one,
You and especially our daughter has been the best thing that has ever happen to me you girls help me grow so much the man and father I’ve try to be everyday there no words that can describe how much you girls change my life you are beyond my bliss,
There something I do want to say that important and I’m going to real with you through the past five years I’ve been with you I have dealt with being accuse and blame of thing I had no fault in. The feeling of shame of treating you unfairly or encouragement I’ve try to give you but somehow you take it as a negative point of view, or the exhausting overwhelming feeling of your anxiety, fear, low self -esteem, depression and so on the things you fight within. I’m no angle myself but all the things you have put me through have taught me this is to be patient and that love is a choice, all these years that I’ve stayed is because I love you that much. Let’s pat ourselves on the back that it’s been five long great years with a twist that with all the struggles we overcame a lot together I feel like we’ve won.

P.S God love you unconditionally meaning when no one cares or when no one there when there no support or in life when you believe you don’t have a purpose or just don’t have a clue, ‘’God said before I formed you in your mother womb, I knew you.’’ (Jerimiah 1:5)
When you feel like there’s weight on your shoulder and life is hitting you hard and everything seems to be crashing down, with your head spinning round and round and feeling broken,
God holding your hand and he right there beside you if you give him a chance Jesus is the living water that can flow within you like the waves of a crystal blue ocean,
I will admit that you and I have both experience suffering and that we both have felt like we’ve been in a tunnel in complete dark,
But God is the light at the end of the tunnel and to see it and reach for it you simply must open your heart.

No matter what your decision you make in your life I’m truly happy for you of the things you’ve overcame and the person and mother you’ve become and much more I am, and God is proud,
So, a toast to the long journey we had together and possibly much more in the future to come but until then goodbye for now.

By: Jacob Cuadro
It been a long journey fighting the faith through Jesus Christ but i got to keep fighting to win my family back in my life. i wrote this poem a while ago for to post it and share with you guys.
Jacob Cuadro Mar 2020
Dear little one,
The day I saw you born you pour out a light brighter than the sun.
A feeling that burst of happiness I never felt before,
How this can be; something so small and pure was going to be something I would never thought I would truly adore.

For one so small you seem so strong,
And I’ll protect you even in the middle of a storm,
I will sing over you a new song,
And do my best to keep you safe and warm.

You have so many years ahead of you and I don’t know what your future holds,
But one thing I do know is that you’re going to have a heart of gold,
Child of mine there so much you need to learn,
Life can be simple like if you play with fire you’ll get burn.

The key is to be patient to be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger, (James 1:19)
I will teach you everything I know because it a gift to have knowledge and wisdom,
I want to see you grow and teach you how to be humble for beauty is on the inside and you can change the world with all your mind of splendor,
Spreading the world with kindness and love with all the colors of autumn.

The day you get older you’re going to have these emotion of mix feelings,
Days of happiness days of heart breaks it won’t be easy pain can get stronger while wombs slowly be healing,
But you won’t go through this alone I will be there to comfort you through all these emotion you never knew you had that these are natural and I’ll be the one to tell you that everything would be alright,
Always here with open arms whether you run to me with joy or need to cry on my shoulder I’ll be there to hold you tight.

So, I tell you this no matter what you go through enjoy every day and never give up never quit because if you want something in life hard work is what count not by a wish,
Bonding with you and living every moment to moment like reading you stories or tucking you in to bed or simply making you laugh are moment I cherish.
Above all this love is important because love is patient, love is kind… it always protect, always trust, always hopes, always perseveres love never fails (Corinthians 13:4-8) it’s pure and true,
My dear little one I may not be around through your whole journey for death is part of life but I tell you this and let this sink in please that you love one another, as I have loved you. (John 15:12)
Jacob Cuadro
A letter to my daughter
Jacob Cuadro Jul 2019
Can you stop the rain,
Can you stop the sorrow,
This darkness and this heavy pain,
Can you stop time so there won't be any tomorrow's

We try to fit in we try to belong,
But we rejected ourselves because we feel like we do things wrong,
So we put on a smile,
But always live in denial.

Feels like a lost soul
Being a fake
Becoming someone we don't know
Because we're just truly afraid.

We can see but instead we put on a blind eye,
Telling ourselves it ok just feel happy but always deny
Even when it feels like home,
We still feel alone,

It like every day carrying the pain in your back full of spikes,
This is what depression is like.
Those who feels like this just remember your never alone.
Jacob Cuadro Mar 2019
She smiles,
But she is broken,
Her anxiety, her depression pulled her away by so many miles,
When she tries to reach out her words fades when she has spoken.

She is loved by many others but she feels alone,
Realizing that she can’t deal with herself on her own,
The night, and your pain won’t last,
You are a survivor a strong woman but you don’t have to live by your past.

Even when you hug her tight or cuddle with her making her feel warm,
Hope you can see yourself in the mirror that you are created in gods image a perfection a beautiful masterpiece and that you are loved,
But in her head and mind she is battling up a storm,
Wish you can realize that you are enough.

With faith and believing you can overcome all things.
So now is the time to step forward moving through your tears pushing through the pain and greatness will appear spreading your beautiful wings,
You struggle for too long and came along this far,
Keep believing and keep fighting because in the end you’ll be the light of a star.

By: Jacob Cuadro
This is for those who struggle with theses emotional mind set with depression.
Just want to tell you whoever you are that you are not alone and that you are loved. No matter who put you down or what your going through with faith and believing you can overcome all things God bless.
Jacob Cuadro Jan 2019
I’m not the man who I use to be,
Because I gave up on myself and this world so I called on your name,
With your holy word you have set me free,
My old self is in the past and my past is forever gone as my guilt fades and no longer feel the shame.

I realize that I was covered in this filthy stain,
Bounded by these heavy chains,
Breaking it off lifting my hands to you feeling your amazing grace pour like rain,
From every fingertip washing away my pain.

I’ve been selfish and committed great sins but you’ve showed me nothing but love,
You’ve been faithful all of my days you are the lamb,
My god the maker of heaven above,
You are the great I Am.

Bow down in your presence I give you my heart lift my voice and give you glory,
Because you are worthy, you are mighty and you are holy,
You rewrote my story becoming a brand new man and setting me free,
For that now I’ve been redeemed.

Jacob Cuadro
The best decision I ever made.
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