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Jul 2015
I have everything I need, or so I'm told,
We get by being just another girl or guy,
Make the most of this without eccentric goals,
Give me a break, this is what I "need" in life.
The truth is we're all about making a scene
When I finally get to live my "dangerous" dream,
This place has food and shelter and "life,"
Sure we've got it made, this way of life is obscene,
One way or another while I wonder about "it,"
These "insane" feelings of nature just never quit,
When the time comes I'll magically find the "right place,"
But until then who knows if my dream is a streaking bet,
Don't even bother going naked, I'm already just a "disgrace,"
You "Go Army" and die, my basic needs are all too well met,
But along with these words are the reasons I wont move just yet.
Being filled with scientific knowledge is nothing without creativity, for you have nothing to apply your knowledge to or do with it. Einstein himself said something like that I think...maybe.
Alan S Bailey
Written by
Alan S Bailey  M/Unlisted
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