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May 2015
that launch a million sails.
The miles of blood,
that were left by your nails.

The loss,
of our lost child.
The moss,
that covers the life we had.
the child that was never ours.

what is left,
the ruins of us,
the ruins of you,
the ruins of me,

The pain that sears into our skin,
from the shard of needles and pins.

The ever lasting pain,
that ruins the paint of the rain.

yours is the only smile,
the only smile.
The one smile.
the one worth a thousand smiles.

The only smile.
the lost smile,
the one I will never see again.

Goodbye my love.
You where my hovel,
in the grove of love and life.

My one and only smile..
The loss of both my child and a lost lover. The only person that could have ever loved me more than you is gone with the rest of our lives. I'm sorry that you are finally gone, this world wasn't ever good enough for you. Or you weren't good enough for me. You now walk with the ones we both loved and now you are walking without pain my lost little ones.
Cristian Healy
Written by
Cristian Healy  Ireland
   ---, Arlo Disarray and Erenn
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