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Cristian Healy Jul 2017
You were there in the darkness for me
You were there for me in the light.

You were there when I was broke,
You were there when I was rich.

You have always been there for me when I needed someone
You have always been there for me when I hated everyone.

Now it's my turn to help you.

Thank you for everything you have done for me
Recently a few of my family members have died and I couldn't have done it without my significant other. Now she's going through a hard time and it's time for me to step up and help her.

I love you Megan, and I never will stop loving you
Cristian Healy Jun 2017
We have plans
We have us
we have a future

you left without a word
taking everything I know

We had plans
We had us
without a future
Cristian Healy Jan 2016
You are the reason I wake.

You are the reason I love.

You are the reason I cry.

You are the reason I smile.

You are the one who brought me back from the edge.
The reason I can be me,
the reason I am happy,
        The reason I am proud...

You are the one reason I can carry one,
In this monochromatic world,
of tarnished steel,
of rusting dreams,
in the ever paling sky..

You saved me from who I am,

and will become.

Lord save me, from the person I have become...
Lord forgive me from who I was...
Lord save me from the darkness that grows closer...

The chaotic catholic truths that turned me,
away from reason and light...
but into the night...

but you saved me from who I was
and from whom I was becoming.

Thank you, and...

I will love you for ever...
The times I thought that god could save me, But everyone has that fallen angel to save you...
Cristian Healy Oct 2015
The curtains curl,
the cloth furls.
The wind whispers sweet nothings
across your face.

Your face dappled by your hair.
The shadow of your smile,
ripples across your face.

The pale moonlight,
playing tricks with your body,
as I hold it.

Closer and Closer you move,
Warmer and Warmer you become.
The feel of skin against skin,
Turns the cold into heat.

Heated bodies become one,
Hot breath on your back,
as you sleep...

In the cold nights,
We've become one...
Cristian Healy Oct 2015
Drip drip drip...
The drops of the rain,
the lightly falling rain.

Drip drip drip...
the Slow fall of each bead,
of water that gives life.

Drip drip drip...
the burning feeling,
of the acid rain...

Drip drip dead.
The Lack Of The Rainforest...
Cristian Healy Oct 2015
Your back is in front of me,
Your smile is infectious.
your body says love.
but your love is fearing me.

Your supple body,
feels warm to my tender hands.
Your hair has the sweet sent,
of the happy slumber.

Your tiny little smile,
as I kiss your neck.
Your naked body,
falls right against mine.

You are the comfort,
of the future untold...

As of yet
I recently got out of a bad relationship. And I've finally gotten through the dark lights, where I can now honestly say my nights alone are filled with the future of being happy with someone again. Have a good night guys and stay loved
Cristian Healy May 2015
that launch a million sails.
The miles of blood,
that were left by your nails.

The loss,
of our lost child.
The moss,
that covers the life we had.
the child that was never ours.

what is left,
the ruins of us,
the ruins of you,
the ruins of me,

The pain that sears into our skin,
from the shard of needles and pins.

The ever lasting pain,
that ruins the paint of the rain.

yours is the only smile,
the only smile.
The one smile.
the one worth a thousand smiles.

The only smile.
the lost smile,
the one I will never see again.

Goodbye my love.
You where my hovel,
in the grove of love and life.

My one and only smile..
The loss of both my child and a lost lover. The only person that could have ever loved me more than you is gone with the rest of our lives. I'm sorry that you are finally gone, this world wasn't ever good enough for you. Or you weren't good enough for me. You now walk with the ones we both loved and now you are walking without pain my lost little ones.
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