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May 2015
Porcelain skin,
white with rosy cheeks.
Lips sewn shut,
concealing her shrieks.
Knotted hair,
with pink pretty bows.

Smiling mouth,
lips red as a rose.
Eyes open,
staring at blank space.
Pretty dresses,
covered all in lace.

Broken teacups,
will soon fall apart.
Never revealing,
her lack of a heart.
Perfect girl,
with an alluring complexion.

Fails to see,
her and her reflection.
you can’t see her cracks.
only seeing whites and blacks.

Collecting dust,
sitting on a shelf.
life itself.
I wrote this in October 2014 for school and it kind of ***** but it got a lot of views on my other account (which i forgot the user and pass for so lol)
Katie Elzinga
Written by
Katie Elzinga  New Jesey
(New Jesey)   
     nycteris, grace, Camron Elliott and ---
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