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Mar 2015
The way is out
It’s dark as night
Temptation lies
Death is in sight

The tunnel extends
No room for hope
Dark consumes light
No reason to cope

Wanting to give up
It’s no longer worth it
Life is just too hard
All it does is spit

Father is abusive
Mother drinks night and day
Little child visited at night
Father figure comes to “play”

Teenage girl searches for love
The world is a cruel place
Boy she loves left her
Drugs kept in a little case

The pain is alive
Nothing seems to help
The need to give up
Scars left by a belt

The older teenage girl
Fights to stay alive
Has no reason to stay
No reason to strive

Death is now certain
No questions asked
Teenage girl cries
Her arms ****** and hacked

Swerve to the right
Miss death by an inch
Swerve to the left
Death comes, felt only a pinch

I cry for those without hope
Please stay strong
Life is a rocking boat
But giving up is wrong

Death is a coward’s way out
Let me offer a hand
My heart breaks for you
I will help you stand.
Becka Dibble
Written by
Becka Dibble  KCMO
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