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Mar 2015
My love is destructive, vile ,and bitter to the taste
It will drag you in and under.
It's sporadic and vicious, a damaging fate
Run, before I need you most.
My love is jealous, selfish, an unforgiving gate
It will resent all you do wrong.
It's needy and bloodthirsty, forcing your affection
To where Infatuation is all you can hope for
My love is a scary, passionate, unjustifiable thing that will break under  its own pressure
It was not nurtured, comforted, or taught to stand straight
It is an evil, inhumane, alien trait
Run, please, please, get away.
Sometimes you need to tell someone the worst things about yourself, and there's just nobody there. So hello hello poetry, you are now that person.
Written by
Anonymous  In the corners of my mind
(In the corners of my mind)   
   ---, Evan Hayes and ---
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